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Dawn, the beautiful first light that appears before sunrise. What a beautiful name isn't it, too bad because the owner of the name has hated since she knew her father has given her that name. The bastard has left them poor and sick and ran away with a rich girl who promised him a better life.

When her mother got sick, Dawn had no choice but to find a way to get money for her mother's medicine. She couldn't do prostitution so she started to sell drugs, from one street to another she'd gain a little bit of money to feed her brother and her mother.

Just another day like the others, Dawn leaning against a wall near her neighborhood waiting for the buyers but she had no luck. She thought to herself that maybe if she went and shared Lucas' street she'll get something, even though Lucas was the biggest asshole and she'll probably end up arguing with him the whole time.

She quickly put her hood on and started walking to where Lucas usually sells, he wasn't there so she sighed in relief. It's not that she was scared of him, but she was scared of what she will do to him if he pisses her off.

A few sells here and there, she gain a few dollars juts enough for dinner when she heard Lucas coming her way. She looked up at him and he had a pissed look.

"Eh yo Dawn! What did I say about selling in my street?!" He pushed her and got closer to her face to intimidate her. She took a deep breath and gave him a small fake smile.

"Look, it's been rough on my street and my momma needs money for her medicine s-" she showed him the few dollars she's got in her hand but he didn't care he slapped her hand making the dollar bills fall.

"Man fuck you and your momma. She's better off dead anyways" he said not really aware of the consequences, in a blink of an eye Dawn tackled him and started to punch his face even with his failed attempts to block her blows she could still break his face. His friends were coming her way with knives trying to stab her, but she quickly got up dodging everything that was coming her way. She was doing it so fast like she predicted their actions, she looked like she was dancing while avoiding them.

  One guy tried to stab her in the chest and she quickly leaned to the side grabbing his arm and pulling him towards another guy and they ended up stabbing each other. While another guy tried to hit her in the face but she quickly grabbed his wrist twisting it making him drop the knife, when she saw he was vulnerable to her blows she starting hitting his chest at fast pace with one last hit to the neck he fell holding his throat struggling to breathe.

"Anyone else?" She asked annoyed,

"Yes!" One of the guys had a gun, he was new to this and probably didn't even know how to shoot. She rolled her eyes and waited for him to shoot but he just looked at her scared, he looked around him to notice all the big guys were struggling on the floor. He closed his eyes and just kept pulling on the trigger. When he opened his eyes Dawn wasn't there.

"Boo" she said in his ear, he dropped the gun and just ran away scared for his life. She grabbed the gun from the floor and examined it.

"Hey! Drop the gun and put your hands behind your back!" She sighed thinking not again. She had beef with the cops because she always either slipped from their grip while they tried to cuff her or just broke her thumb to get out of the cuffs then open the police car door to run away with a smile on her face.

"Dawn! I'm not kidding!" The cop yelled, of course he knows her name they used to go to school together he was a year or two older than her.

"Oh cmon! You know I'm not going to run away" she smirked, she took a step back planing her escape when she felt someone grab her arms and quickly cuff her. She looked back to notice another cop, he sneaked up on her because they knew she was a fast runner.

"Okay okay you got me this time" she laughed as she went with them with no struggle.

A little far away from where she was arrested stood a man who came to check on the neighborhood, he wanted to buy the whole street to build better homes. He saw everything and he was surprised of how fast that girl was and how strong she was taking out 5 man with knives and leaving without a scratch.

He told his men to follow the cops to the police station, he saw them push her inside while she just smiled at them and said hi to everyone like she knows everyone that works there.

He got out of the car, and walked inside everyone were astonished to see him. He was a big businessman who's very known in town.

"Mr. Black? How can I help you?" The chief of police took his hat off and greeted him.

"A girl was just brought here, she's very tall and has short hair. I wanna see her" Mr. Black demanded, of course they agreed since he had more influence in this little town than anyone they basically worked for him.

As they opened the door for the interrogation room he noticed the girl standing on the chair and about to go in the broken ventilation system. She looked at him and laughed nervously, he was just staring at her with surprise how did she break out of the cuffs?

"Hello sir are you here to investigate in the beating of Lucas, it wasn't me. I just walked there and he was already beaten the hell up" she sat back on the chair, he sat in front of her and kept looking at her trying to figure out this crazy one.

"No, I'm not a cop. I'm a business man" he explained, she wondered why would someone of his status will talk to her or even come to see her.

"My name is Jacob Black, and I'm looking for someone to take care of my daughter. Someone to watch over her b-" she started but was soon cut off by her laughter, he glared at he and she cleared her throat.

"Sorry, continue"

"As I was saying, I saw what you did to those guys and I want you to be my daughter's bodyguard and I'll pay you a big amount of money. And clearly..." He looked at her up and down then continued.

" need it" he leaned back, she rolled her eyes.

"Can I have a cigarette?" She asked him, he gave her a confused look.

"In your pocket, I want a cigarette" his eyes widened and patted his coat pocket and took the pack of cigarettes out giving her one, her took the lighter and brought it closer to the cigarette on her lips lighting it up. She inhaled the smoke and then sighed.

"How did you know?" He asked,

"Well, as soon as you walked I noticed that you limp that means either an accident or something more, and if that's the case then you smoke to feel better about happened, then your lips are starting to turn blue which means that you've been smoking for a while and last but not least your hands shake like crazy and that is something all smokers have in common" she smiled innocently, his mind was blown by her, she read him before he could even introduce himself and that put a smile on his face.

"Well Mr black, your offer isn't accepted I have a very busy schedule" she said, throwing her cigarette in the coffee cup in front of her.

"I'm sure you have a family to feed and take care of and this is easy money. Just accept and I'll get you out of here, you'll have a better life. You can get out of that neighborhood and go somewhere else" he insisted, she thought about it more and realized she doesn't have money, the 10$ she had were scattered on the ground after Lucas hit her hands and if she doesn't come home her brother will have to drop out if highschool and she won't be able to by medicine for her mother so she sighed and looked at the man in front of her.

"When do I start?"

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