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Mr black told me I'll start work the next day, he told me he'll send someone to my house to give me new clothes for my job and I needed to look clean. I was like, what the fuck is that supposed to mean and then I realized my hair was a complete mess and I smelt like shit. It isn't my fault the police station doesn't have an AC and they locked me in a windowless room.

I opened the apartment door and walked inside to look at the familiar small place, we have a small TV and a couch, the kitchen was connected and two rooms. My brother sleeps in one and my mother in the other while I sleep on the couch.

"I'm home!" I walked further in the apartment to my mom's room and she was laying on her bed, I kneeled next to the bed and gently caressed her head. She finally had some rest, the medicine she takes doesn't let her sleep and I'm happy to see her finally getting some sleep and I wasn't going to disturb her.

I knocked on Milo's door and I heard shuffling around, I knocked again and he finally opened. I can smell marijuana from miles away, her was in his underwear and peeking from the door he didn't even open it fully.

"What do you want Dawn?" He was still upset because I yelled at him for sneaking at night, he was mad cause he thinks he's a grown man and he can take care of himself.

"Where did you get that?" I asked annoyed pointing to the small herb bag on his desk. He rolled his eyes and tried to close the door in my face but pushed the door open and he just sighed, he should know that even though he was 18 I will still see him as my baby brother.

"I'll ask you one more time Milo, where the fuck did you get that?" I was getting annoyed by the second and he was just silent, he knows I won't let it slide and I won't drop the subject unless he starts speaking.

"Lucas g-"

"Lucas?! Really?! You couldn't find anybody else BUT that dick?!" I yelled, he stood up looking angry and pushed me.

"I don't fuckin care who I get from, get out of my business and leave me alone!" He yelled back, I'll never hit my brother and I could never hurt him but I hated being pushed around so I walked closer to him.

"Listen Milo, that asshole will end up killing you if you need weed come to me. I'll give it to you for free just don't go near Lucas, alright" I explained,

"Here" I put my hand in my pocket and brought out rolled money. Mr. Black gave me 1000$ and told me to treat myself and my family, I grabbed a 100 bill and gave it Milo.

"This is for you" I handed it to him, then I grabbed 500 and put it on his other hand.

"This is for mom's medicine and food, I've got a job now so we don't have to worry about money alright. Don't waste all of it" I patted his head and left the room, I had to get enough sleep tomorrow I was going to meet Mr. Black's daughter and as he told me she can be very annoying and mean and if I don't get enough sleep I'll probably end up putting a whole in a wall.

The next morning I was woken up but a loud knocking on my door, I grounded and slowly got up grumpy as hell.

"Who is it?" No one answered, I opened the door and there stood a man in a suit with sunglasses on he looked like those agent from man in black. He was holding a suit in his hands.

"It's literally 6 in the morning dude" I said, he pushed the suit to my chest.

"I'll be waiting outside" he simply said and left, I was just confused. Why does he have to be so serious, like damn it's 6 in the freaking morning people sleep at this time.

I closed the door and turned around, my mom was standing at her door looking at me. I quickly walked to her and helped her to the couch.

"Who was that?" She asked, I smiled and sat next to her.

"I've got a job now mom, we don't have to worry about anything. You'll be fine and healthy again, I promise" I kissed her cheek, I had to take a shower and hurry up I can't be late for my first day.

After my shower, I was wore the suit and sprayed some cologne that my mom bought me a while ago on my birthday. I was struggling with my tie so I ran to the living room to ask my mom.

"Mom can you help me with this please" I asked her, she chuckled and sat up. I squatted in front of her and she tied it for me, she patted my chest proudly and kissed my cheek.

"I'm so proud of you dawn, no matter what happens. I'll always be" what she said gave me a boost of energy, her words made me so happy and excited. I always wanted to make her proud, everything that I did even the little things. She'd always tell me that I did great even though I sucked at them.

"Good luck on your first day!" She yelled as I left the apartment, in front of the building was a black bmw waiting with the same man who handed me my clothes. When he saw me he unlocked the car and went to the driver's seat.

"Mr. Black will be waiting for you at his house, he will fill you in with information. Just he careful, you're the fourth bodyguard this month" he explained. Well damn, isn't she feisty. I wonder what she looks like all I know is that she's 20 and she skips classes in college to go to parties and nightclubs.

Two huge metal gates with a bold B in the middle opened and a huge modern mansion came to view, this house is bigger than my whole neighborhood. The car stopped and I opened the door, my jaw was still on the floor at the beauty of this mansion. I always was interested in architecture but never got the chance to feed that curiosity.

"Dawn! Welcome to my home" Mr. Black was standing in front of his door with a huge smile on his face, I sighed and walked in front of him. He gave me his hand I shook it, he looked at my outfit and nodded his head in approval.

"Come on in, let's talk. Maze will join us very soon" I followed him inside and I was stunned at the beauty of this design, it was so perfectly done that It left me with wide eyes.

"So Dawn, you'll follow Maze 24/7. You'll keep her safe, if she wants to go somewhere you go with her and make sure she's not harmed or hammered because that's what I'm most worried about" he explained, this girl must be a bigger mess than I am. When her dad decides to get someone to watch over his alcoholic daughter.

"24/6" I corrected, "Saturdays are for my family" I said, he smiled nodding.

"Well then, you'll star today. Maze!" His shouting was hurting my ears but I had to behave I can't yell at my boss.

A girl walked out of the corner with the most annoyed facial expressions I've ever seen in my whole life, she had a bitch face that'll make a grown man cower. A very very beautiful face that make men cower, but not me of course. She was wearing tight jeans with a white crop top and black high heels, she side eyed me for a second and walked right past me swaying her hips. Her perfume filled my nostrils, the beautiful scent made me a little dizzy. You see this is what happens when you haven't been in the presence of an attractive woman in a long time, you get silly ideas.

"Dad how many times I told you, I don't want another bodyguard." She kissed his cheek, he chuckled.

"I know, but it is must to stay safe" he said, she still had her back turned to me and I accidentally looked at her ass when I realized where I was looked I pretended to stare at a painting on the wall.

"I'll make him runaway by the end of the week" she said

"Her" I corrected, she looked at me weirdly.

"You said, him. I'm a her, respect the pronouns" I rolled my eyes without realizing, I panicked and looked at Mr. Black to see if he was upset but he had a smile on his face, alright he's not mad. I sighed in relief.

"And who told you, you can talk to me like that" she tried to intimidate me, she's so adorable looking up at me with her hands on her hips. I didn't reply, I just smirked and that seemed to annoy her even more.

"Maze, this is Dawn and she'll be your bodyguard, starting now. Have fun!" he said grabbing his coat and leaving the house leaving us in an intense staring contest. Let's see what this spoiled brat has got to say.

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