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I'm never stepping foot in that place again.

That's a lie because I'm waiting in the elevator to go up to the third floor to talk to Luca's team about the mural that's going on the first floor.

They're the main team in charge, and the rest of the people that work here are below them, title-wise. I think it's pretty cool, but it's also really intimidating.

It's been a week since I was last here, and I already started working on two paintings that'll go on the walls in the waiting area on the first floor.

The elevator dings, and I step out, taking the same direction to the lounge area. I use my keycard, which was given to me by Colton, and push the door open.

I'm first greeted by Rafael and Sofia, who is the woman I saw sitting on the couch last week. They are in fact, siblings, twins actually.

"I'm so happy you're here, this place is in dire need of color." Sofia loops her arm with mine, and guides me to one of the couches. "Would you like some coffee?"

I shake my head, "Do you guys have tea?"

"Oh, of course! Saar has a whole stash, let me go make you a cup." She sits up and walks over to a little cubby with a coffee maker.

Rafael sits in the seat across from me with a soda in his hand. I furrow my eyebrows, "How are you so built if you drink Cola?"

He rolls his eyes, "It's diet, darling."

Dexter comes up from behind him and pats his shoulder, "Don't be fooled, Hana. This man can eat 3 whole pizzas by himself."

"Have you seen The Rock's cheat meals? Dude eats a whole island counter of food." Rafael reasons, "I need to be beefy for it to turn into muscle. It's why you don't have shit on your arms."

"Oh, you mean this?" Dexter flexes his arm and it becomes the size of my calf.

I watch silently as the two men argue about lifting weights, and comparing their own thigh sizes. It's kind of comical.

Sofia comes back with two mugs, and the woman I saw with the hijab is with her. She's wearing a blue scarf today, with a long dress that's a shade darker.

"I just realized you haven't met Lina, so I brought her over. Hana, this is Lina Amin, she's in charge of all things victimology. Lina, this is Hana Park, she is in charge of all things painting." She gestures with the two mugs in her hands, then hands me one.

Lina holds out her hand first, so I shake it, making sure not to spill the tea on their very fancy-looking carpet.

"I like your ring," I comment, looking at her right pointer finger. It was silver and had three small pearls on it.

Her eyebrows raise in delight as she smiles, "Thank you! It was a gift from my mother."

"She has good taste," I nod, taking a sip of the tea. With sugar instead of honey, thankfully.

"I agree." Her grin grows wider as she sits on a different chair, it looks like it's assigned to her, because it fits perfectly. I wonder why she was sitting on the other couch last week.

"Where the fuck is Colton? He's always late!" Rafael yells in the direction of Colton's office. Suddenly, the door knob twists, and it opens, revealing the man of the hour walking out with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, I'm sorry! Forgot we were doing this." He scratches the back of his neck, and I'm beginning to think that's a habit of his.

"Now, that should be everyone," Dexter says, falling down into the seat next to me.

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