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It's literally my second day and this stupid spoiled brat is making me wanna hang myself. She makes me want to lay in the middle of the road and wait for a fuckin bus to hit me, her face make me want bang my head against the wall. And her voice, her soft and annoying voice... Ugh.

"From now on, you refer to me as ma'am or miss. It's out of respect I don't want people to think we're friends" she ordered sassily, I tried my best not argue with her and just ignore her so I won't have to pay for the damage I'll cause. I nodded quietly, she smirked and walked closer. I gave her a confused look and didn't budge from my place.

"Good girl" she tapped my face, I was THIS close to talking shit. This close to fuckin lose my job. This little girl thinks she's tough, well then two can play this game. It was my turn to get closer to her and she didn't expect that so her face turned red.

"Oh little girl, you got me so wrong. If there will be a good girl in this..." I pointed between her and me and then leaned closer to her ear.

"It'll be you..." I whispered, her shaky hands were on my chest and when I pulled back her ears and neck were red that's how hard she was blushing. I grabbed her hand and kissed it then left so I can let her change.

Mr. Black has informed me that his son will be coming back from vacation today and I shouldn't pay him any attention because he likes to pick fights. The whole purpose of this bodyguard thingy for miss Maze is that she has to attend this gala at the end of the month and he thinks that's when she can be hurt, because last year she drunk so much she passed out on the stage and it took the news months to forget about it.

I felt someone bump into me as they passed right by me side which woke me up from my day dream. The guy from yesterday, he had a bandage on his wrist and I just smirked. That must've hurt, he glared at me and just tried to walk in her room without knocking and I stood in front of him.

"Get the hell out of my way" he said, I didn't budge I just looked him in the eyes with a blank look.

"Move or I'll make you move" he threatened,

"First of all, where are your manners boy, you can't just barge into someone's room without knocking and second I dare you to touch me and see if you'll still have hands" I said casually, where are the manners anymore. They really need to see how my mom raised us, the respect we have for her and for other people, who deserve it of course, is incomparable. And here a couple of teenagers feel like they own the world while they don't even wash their asses after they take a shit. He took a step forward and the door opened, revealing Maze in black jeans and a red shirt while she had her black coat in her arm.

"What's going on here?" She looked between the two of us, I gave her an innocent smile.

"Mr here has no manners, how can you be with someone as disrespectful as he is Miss Black, for an attractive woman you are a little stupid not gonna lie" I can feel the guy next to me shake in anger and I saw his fist come my way. I dodged it and It was going straight for Maze's face, but of course I won't let that pretty face get bruised. So I pulled her and he hit the door frame, haha take that sucker.

"Ivan! Wtf you almost hit me!" She yelled at him, and then pulled me away to the car. I looked back at him and flipped him off. That's what he gets for being a dick.

"You're a pain in the ass do you know that?" She said, I opened her door and just chuckled.

"Yes I am aware of that, I can also be a pain in the pussy" I stated, she looked at me disgusted but still confused. She'll be surprised if she knew what I meant by that, I just chuckled and took off.

"Your father has informed me that your brother is going to be home tonight" I tried to start a conversation with her, she nodded but her lips were in a flat line. I think she doesn't get along with him, it took her a moment of thinking to start talking.

"Yeah, I don't really talk to him that much" she explained, for the first time since I met she sounded like a normal person with emotions.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" I asked, why the hell did I say that. I don't want to get to know her, I don't wanna know her problems. I have enough of my own. She smiled at me and shook her head no and I nodded.

At her university, she said that she was cheer captain and today was additions for an empty spot. I followed her to the gym, she told me she'll go put her cheer uniform and I decided not to follow her. I stood in the corner, where I can still see who walked in the changing room and who got out. But I could also see everyone on court, the girls with cheer uniforms and some other new ones were looking my way and whispering to each other. I just smiled and winked at them and they squealed, I'm sure they think I'm a guy but oh well.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Maze leave the changing room, her long legs gracefully walking towards her friend. The red and white uniform hugging her body so tight, my mouth watered like a damn dog. Oh I'll be her dog any day, I can bark. I'm just kidding of course. Unless...

She saw me staring at her, more like staring at her legs and she smirked. I walked to where they'll sit to start this auditions or whatever. Maze walked in front of her mates and was talking to the newbies.

"Listen ladies, just because you're new doesn't mean I'm going easy on you." She told them what they'll have to go through to reach her level an they nodded, except this girl with short black hair. She wasn't paying attention.

"Hey! Dora the explorer, come here" I admit that was a little funny, I cleared my throat and watched them.

"If you're here to fuck around might as well take your map and look for the door" Maze said, the shorter girl just nodded and apologized. She doesn't have to be that rude but since she's a third year, everyone fears her because of her father's influence and her cold face and she's also a bitch.

The whole time, I watched them do their routines and practice with the newbies. Then it was time for the pyramid thingy and of course Maze had to be on top. I had a bad feeling about since I noticed the girl at the bottom was shaking a little she looked like she was having a hard time, I slowly started to walk closer to them but not too close just in case. Then the girl let got, and I saw Maze lose her balance at the top of the pyramid. She was falling backwards and she was going to land on her back and that's bad, very bad. I ran towards her and slide right as she was about to hit the ground but instead she landed in my arms and her butt hit me in the crotch.

She was still shaking and breathing heavily, when she opened her eyes she saw me looking down at her trying so hard not to scream because my dick was on fire.

"Are you alright?" I could barely say that sentence she nodded and I dropped her on the ground with a loud thud and laid on my side holding my crotch. Everyone was looking at me weirdly specially, Maze.

"What's going on here?" An older woman who looks like a teacher or in this case a coach,

"Maze was on top of the pyramid and she fell but her bodyguard caught her..." One of the girls explained.

"She landed on my dick" I squeaked out, I felt a pair of arms trying to help me up. Maze had so many different emotions in her eyes but the most obvious one was worry. I gave thumbs up and the best smile I could do.

"Thank you..." She said as she helped me go to the infirmary.

"I mean you just costed me my kids but that's alright..." I joked, but she didn't laugh. Ah yes I forgot she didn't know about this.

"I'm intersex not an alien Maze" She smiled and nodded her head. Ugh this is going to be so awkward now that she knows.

Hello everyone!! Have a good one!!

Ps: Ivan aka Maze's bf in media.


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