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It had only been one week since the little Clara left her piece of candy at my shrine and I knew almost everything about her. How her mom was a drugs addict, her dad was in prison and how she had lost her older brother due to a car accident. She really had the 'perfect' family. I also discovered how much the world had changed. The last time I had followers, there were people living in houses with candles and fire, now they had electricity and clean water. The world had greatly improved except for the part where it was way more violent then before. People were getting shot and stabbed.. This is the world where I had to protect Clara from until she could protect herself against all these dangers. This might get hard but I was prepared, prepared to do everything it might take.

It was Monday morning 8 'o clock when I noticed the little girl went to school, another thing that had changed allot from the old times, Girl went to school and it was completely normal. Curious as I was I used my mirror to follow her around; A whole group of children ages from 4-6, atleast 20 of them. Friends of my new priestess? How did she have so many.. Anyways she went on with her daily business, She mostly drew pictures that kinda looked like my statue tho when her little friends asked about it she said it was nothing, just a pretty princess she gave candy while she was away with grandma on holiday in Greece.

The other children started saying they wanted to give me candy too and made drawings based of the ones Clara made. How in Zeus his name did I manage to get a group of children know about me while for centuries I had been ignored and forgotten. It was wonderful to hear them talk about me and I even cracked a smile when they build a small shrine for me made out of branches and dirt in the far corner of the playground. It was cute and kind of them to do such a thing for a simple soul as myself. The day passed very soon and I found the first thing that I needed to protect her from; Starvation. Her mom couldnt cook because of her addiction so she needed to get her hunger solved another way. I decided to prepare her a meal with my powers so she wouldnt be hungry. The girl came home and thought that her mommy finally made her a nice meal. My first deed to help her made her like her mom more again. It made me happy to see her happy. When she went to bed later on the evening I gently whispered a song in her ear and watched her drift of to sleep. Finally this poor girl had a nice rest, Last time she did was when her dad was still around and not locked up. Life like this went going on for a few weeks till it all changed

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