15|| His Definition Of Fun

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"Where are we going?" I questioned as we exited the club

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"Where are we going?" I questioned as we exited the club. He looked at me and then turned away ignoring the my question. The same one I've been asking him since we left the bathroom.

I had texted Violet telling her I'm with Ace but I know she was probably busy. She is definitely going to question me about my text message when she sees me and I don't think I was prepared at all.

Looking around the parking lot I saw my car gone and looked at Ace. Our fingers were still laced together and he didn't loosened his grip at all. I wasn't complaining at all but I wondered why he didn't let go yet.

"Where's my car?" I questioned and the I heard a loud beep in front of me. Pulling up was my car and the window rolled down to reveal Java smirking at me.

"I like it" he said and as I was about to walk forward Ace pulled me back.

"Your also going to like when I beat your ass for driving my car" I said and he grinned.

"Java will take your car home" Ace said and I nodded my head. I fought with myself internally, but I trusted Java enough to not scratch or wreck my car, but seeing someone else drive my car hurt physically.

"Let's go" he muttered and we walked around back and came face to face with a garage, there was a thumb scanner on the side and Ace scanned his thumb causing the garage door to open. Inside was Ace's car and two others who I'm assuming are Java and Matteo's.

"Avery" Matteo greeted coming up behind me and he stared at my eyebrow.

Him and Ace both gave each other weird looks like they were communicating without words.

I stood there awkwardly between them. I really wanted to be apart of whatever their conversation was but I can't speak, eye-language.

"Be safe" Matteo whispered in my ear and then he left. I bit the inside of my cheek and Ace gestured for me to get in his car.

He came around to the passenger seat and opened the door for me allowing me to step inside his car. His hand left mines and I felt empty.

I missed his hand. It was warm and nice and I felt comfortable with it laced in mines.

Ace got in the drivers seat and started the engine. He pulled out the driveway and I stared out the window.

"Where are we going?" I asked again.

"Do you ask so many questions?" he said and I shrugged my shoulders.

"We'll be there soon" he said and I nodded my head leaning back on the seat. I twisted my rings on my finger to keep myself occupied.

Twenty minutes later the car came to a stop and I leaned back up and saw we were parked in Ryan yard.

What the hell were we doing here?

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