ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ғɪᴠᴇ

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"I'm going to have my father behead you!"

You clearly don't understand what he is screaming his head off about, but it seems like he is an important person.

Because many guards have entered his chambers, armed.

"Seize her" you squeal in shock when you get grabbed by your arms all of sudden.

"No, wait! I have done nothing wrong!" you shout.

But no one hears you out as the young prince orders them to throw you in prison.

While being dragged down the halls, Larsan appears around the corner and sees you.

"Stop right there" he orders the guards, causing them to stop immediately.

"Larsan!" You exclaim, happy and relieved to see him.

"Why did you stop?" I'm the prince, you only take orders from me!" The silver-haired prince exclaims.

"Apologies, my prince, but the girl is under your father's care, therefore you can't put her in prison"

The prince turns his gaze towards you, before huffing and crossing his arms over his chest.

"I guess she is pretty...but weird, Larsan"

"Yes, I agree that she is indeed beautiful, my prince" Larsan agrees, also staring at you.

You don't understand what they both are saying, so you keep quiet.

However, your eyes widen in shock when the prince pats your hair out of nowhere.

"I'm Alastrain, and you are?"

The question is hardly understood, but you guess that he just gave you his name which made you gave him yours.


He removes his hand away from your hair, before smelling it.

"You don't smell bad for a lowlife"

With that, the prince takes his leave, with guards following behind him, as Larsan eyes narrow slightly after hearing such words.

No, you are not a 'lowlife' in the dark-haired male's eyes.

You are kind and sweet, you should be respected.

...you should be kept safe from danger.

Larsan holds his hand out for you, a assuring smile rests on his pretty face.

Without his hesitation, you grab his hand and allow him to lead you back to your chamber.


🛏️ +😴= ❤

You show him the paper with a sleepy smile, meaning that you wish him a good night.

"Have sweet dreams, as you sleep I will guard your chamber for you, my darling"

You naively nod your head, thinking that he is also telling you goodnight in his language.

"I will kill anyone who dares to harm you," Larsan says with a smile.

"Thank you" you reply.

Little do you know that when you learn the language of this island.

You would realize how horrifying his statements are.

Hopefully, it won't be too late then.

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