16|| Punishment

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Mature Content

"Ace" she whispered, her nails scratching into my back.

"Hm?" I hummed and she tossed her head back moaning.

My fingers rub gentle circles on clit and when I knew she was close I pulled my fingers away.

Her mouth hanged open as she stared at me tears brimming her water line. I wiped her fallen tears and she panted heavily.

Water droplets dripped down both our bodies and I looked down at her perky breasts.

"Why'd you stop?" she asked.

I grabbed her waist and turned her around pressing her cheek to the glass. I ran my finger down her spine and she let out a breath sigh.

"I told you not to roll your eyes at me" I said.

I raised my hand and slapped her ass making her moan. I massaged her ass and she clenched her thighs together.

"Why didn't you listen?" I questioned and she didn't respond to me.

I grabbed her wet hair pulling her head back. Her back arched and I kissed the side of her temple.

"I asked you question." I said slapping her ass again.

"I didn't mean too" she whispered.

"Right" I hummed spanking her ass again.

"You're going to count and when I feel you learned your lesson I'll stop" I said and she nodded her head.

"Are you okay with this?" I asked.

"Yes" she answered and with her consent I started spanking her ass.










"ten" she cried out and I stopped. I turned her around and she wrapped her hands around my waist resting the side of her face against my chest.

"That was hot" she whispered and I let out a small laugh.

"Was it?" I asked pulling her back. She nodded her head and I kissed her temple.

"You okay?" I questioned.

"Yes" she answered and I pecked her lips.

Before I could pull away she grabbed my cheek and deepened the kiss. Her hand trailed down my chest and as she was about to grab my dick I stopped her, taking her wrist in my hand.

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