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Later than day, Maze's brother who now I know as Max has arrived. Maze was still quiet since I told her I was intersex. I was standing behind her while she sat on the dining table waiting for her brother.

"Maze!" A guy who looks like a younger version of Mr. Black walked in the room, he was wearing a white shirt and pair of jeans with black and white converse. Maze smiled at him but I can tell it wasn't real. He looked at him and stopped giving me a weird look.

"You, this is a family room. You can wait outside" he said arrogantly, I didn't move I just stared at him. He isn't my boss, he looked pissed. He started walking towards me and I heard Maze sighed.

"Max, don't start." She said annoyed,

"I'm not talking to you Maze" he said, well now that he was in front of me I can smell the alcohol on him, he's drunk. Is this like a family tradition or something?

"I'm talking to this asshole who is obviously deaf" I am working on controlling my anger, I can feel my nails dig in my palms and my hands start to shake.

"Dawn, it's alright. Can you please wait for me in my room?" I felt a hand grab my shaky ones.

"Yes ma'am" I said not taking my eyes off of this piece of dog shit in front of me. I turned around and walked out of the room and went to Maze's room. I stood in front of the door, what did she tell me to do? Wait for her inside the room or outside. I sighed and didn't want to take any risks and just stood in front of her door.


"Well how great of you to yell at my bodyguard for standing!" I said, ever since our mother died Max changed. He blamed me for her death, he hated me. He started to lie to dad and tell him that I did things that I didn't. Or that I was sneaking out if the house when I wasn't. He locked me in the basement once and told my dad I was out, then in the morning he opened the door and I ran to dad, but dad didn't believe me saying that he looked all over the house and couldn't find me so he didn't believe a word I said.
I was already drunk before Max walked in and his nagging was giving me a headache.

"Well he needs to fucking understand who's the superior in this house!" He yelled back, I admit I was always afraid of him because he was crazy. But not anymore, I had no desire to live to be honest. He can kill me for all I care, before I do it myself.

"Listen Max, I don't fuckin care what you say. But she works for me and you better know your place. I'm not afraid to hurt you" I said and got up from the chair to head to my room but he grabbed my wrist and yanked me back to him. I wasn't the same helpless little girl, I grabbed his wrist and twisted then kneed him in the crotch.

"I told you..." I whispered in his ear, he dropped on the floor holding his crotch and went upstairs. I noticed Dawn standing in front of my door, I thought I told her go wait inside.

"I said inside, Dawn" I chuckled, her cheeks reddened a little. I pushed the door open and walked with her tailing behind me. She was standing awkwardly in the middle of the room while giving me a weird look.

"You're scary when you're nice" she whispered, I rolled my eyes and went inside the closet to change. I don't know why I asked to come inside, maybe because I had no one to keep me company or because I was drunk.

"Look, I just want someone to keep me company. If you're uncomfortable you can go, no pressure" I sighed, I put my shorts and oversized shirt.

"But I'm still in my suit?" She said nervously, why was she nervous? I noticed she was avoiding looking at me, I smirked and walked closer to her. She was looking anywhere but me.

"Do I make you nervous, Dawn?" I asked her slowly, I wanted to play with her a little and see what happens. She cleared her throat and finally looked at me.

"You don't" she answered simply,

"Alright then, take off your suit..." Her eyes widened and her face started to turn red.

" we can watch something" I gave her an innocent smile and walked to my bed.

"I'm okay, I'll keep the suit on" she said quickly, I rolled my eyes.

"Suit yourself" I sighed and made myself comfortable. She took her vest and shoes and sat on the edge.

"Really? I don't bite." I said pulling her more, I leaned closer to her ear and let my fingers trace her jawline.

"Unless you want me to" I whispered, I heard her breath hitch in her throat and her body was stiff. I do actually make her feel something, I don't know what it could be but I'm sure it's good.

Half way through the movie, I have sobered up a little and turned to look at Dawn who was interested in watching.

"I'm sorry about Max" I said, she shrugged her shoulder but didn't say anything.

"He can be an asshole, so try to ignore him" I explained,

"I mean beating him would help too, but I don't want to lose my job" she said, what is with her and beating people up.

"And you need to work on your anger." I joked, she finally looked at me.

"I'll work on my anger if you stop being a bitch" she chuckled, I put my hand on my chest offended.

"I am not!" I defended myself. She paused the movie and crossed her arms in front of her. She gave me a look that said are you sure about that.

"Okay maybe I am. But I can be nice!"

"Well if you be more nice to people, I'll try not to beat your boyfriend or your brother. Deal?" She gave me her hand to shake and I looked at it suspiciously before shaking it. She smiled and went back to watching, her smile made me feel weird things.

I laid my head on her shoulder and we just sat on my bed watching TV. Before I can fall asleep a loud sound of glass breaking woke me up. I screamed out fo surprise and jumped surprisingly landing on Dawn's lap. She stood up with me still warped around her scared to death. She put me on the bed and patted my head like I was a pet or something. She walked closer to my balcony to see that the door was shattered, she kneeled down and I saw her pick a brick. It had a piece of paper attached to it. She took the paper and opened reading what was inside of it and she quickly stood up. She gave me the paper and quickly ran out of the door. I heard the alarm go off around the house right after she left. I took the piece of paper and read what was written on it.

'Mazikeen Black, I have finally found you. You are mine. You'll always be mine and I'll kill anyone that'll come near you, and if you dare love anyone but me I'll end you. If I can't have you, no one can'

That's when I realized what has happening, I had a fuckin stalker who wants to kill me....


Helloo! Sorry I didn't update I was watching the L word generation q and got carried away. Also, why no one told me  about Gigi, she's so freaking HOT.  Like miss ma'am who told you to look so fine. (If you watched you'll understand who I'm talking about), I also like Bette she's fine as fuck.

→who's your favorite in the series?


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