Ch.11: Refusing

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The boy regains his breath while standing in his hiding place, the rain wasn’t going to stop any time soon. However, he regains his energy when he sees his friend entering into a building as a dozen ghouls enter behind her. Running towards the ghouls, he holds tightly the knife on his hands and makes his way towards her taking down every ghoul in front of him. He sees her holding a bat and smashing the head of a ghoul. He runs towards her and before he could reach her, a ghoul jumps to him throwing him to the ground.

“No!” she runs to him and uses the bat to move the ghoul away to smash its head afterwards.

He groans and sits down resting his back to the wall. The girl kneels down in front of him as he holds his shoulder.

“No…” she trembles looking at the bite “I-I’m sorry” she lets her tears fall from her eyes “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”

He smiles at her and places his forehead on top of her “I would do it again if I have to… I-I don’t think I have much time, so we should find a way to get to the S-Class explorers so they can take you with them”

She shakes her head “I-I don’t want to go… Not without you”

“It’ll be selfish to keep you here with me” he caresses her cheek “You must go on and do the test… I-I bet that they’ll take you without a second thought”

“Please” she sobs and holds his hand against her cheek.

“I’ll do anything for you…” he looks at her eyes “You have no idea how much I adore you” he chuckles and kisses her forehead taking a step back holding her hand “N-Now, let’s go. We need to find a way to get you out of this trashy city”


“Dr. Lace…” (Y/n) talks to the doctor in front of them “May I ask what is happening?”

“I just wanted to make a point… I saw what happened on the upper floor, it is odd to see an experiment fighting for the life of a doctor before… I am amazed” she smirks.

“No offence but you could’ve just asked me about it instead of letting ghouls loose on the floor nor waiting for us with guards, Dr. Lace” she sounded a little bit agitated.

Dr. Lace laughs and shakes her head “I love proving my theories right” she puts her hands inside of her coat “Besides, if a ghoul happened to bite you, we needed to take you down, great way to deal with them, by the way”

(Y/n) takes a deep breath and runs her hands on her face “Can you please tell the guards to put the weapons down? They are disturbing Experiment 703”

The guards keep their weapons aiming at the doctor and the experiment as he glares at the guards. He already planned how to take down every guard and the doctor in front of them.

“Well, I’d like to think that if 703 attacks a human, you would electrify him”

“Not if those humans are pointing guns at us for no reason after putting our lives in danger for a theory” she was angry.

Dr. Lace chuckles “Theory that I haven’t proved completely, I proved the loyalty that the experiment has to you but what about your loyalty to this experiment” she raises her hand making the guards lower their guns “Now, Dr. (L/n), electrify the experiment until he falls unconscious”

703 puts his hand on the collar and looks back at his doctor.

“Why would I do that?”

“To prove a point to me… If you do it then I would know that you are treating this matter seriously and if you don’t, then I would assume that you let your feeling take over you so I will take away this case from you and reassign you another experiment”

“I refuse…” she frowns.

“I beg your pardon?”

She walks in front of the experiment “703 is my experiment and I decide what I do with him or not, so far, he didn’t do anything for me to electrify him and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Besides, we both know that I’m the only doctor that managed to get this far with 703 and taking the case from me means a sure death for the next doctor and a delay on the search of a cure… So, Dr. Lace, with all due respect, move away” she stands a few meters in front of the doctor.

Lace looks at her eyes in silence, the tension on the room was thickening and the guards were cowering a little. On one side, there was a feared doctor, obsessed with perfection, that was willing to do whatever it takes to find a cure and on the other side, a prodigy doctor that managed to control the most dangerous experiment on the laboratory.

The older doctor laughs and pats her head making the experiment glare at her.

“Very well, Dr. (L/n), seeing that you are extremely invested with 703, then I would like to see a full report on your case in a folder by noon in my office”

“Yes, doctor” she nods.

“Perfect” she turns around and signals the guards to follow her leaving the young doctor and the experiment behind.

(Y/n) turns around to look at 703 “Let’s go” she walks to the other direction with the experiment behind her.

Once they entered into his cell, (Y/n) takes a deep breath and rests her back on the wall.

“I hate defying my superiors” she covers her face with her hands “And now I have to put weeks of work on a single folder”

“You should’ve let me kill them” he glares the door “How dare she?”

“But she is right” she mutters and laughs humorlessly. She knew that deep down, she let her feelings take over the moment she read 703’s file.

“Doc?” his angry expression turns into one of concern as he approaches her. He could feel her distress.

She cleans the tears from her cheeks and shakes her head “I-It doesn’t matter…” she walks towards the door “See you tomorrow, 703”

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