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Jin's Pov

Oh , aren't they early today..... , I open my arms seeing them fighting to reach me first. I hear giggles from my Left side,
"Hahaha , I was first rose."
There is a loud huff heard from my right , I can't stop smiling , seeing her all snorting....
"But he loves me more jisoo!"
I can feel the hand battle going behind my back.
"Okay that's enough."
I release them from my embrace , but they continue fighting saying *I prettier , No I'm* but don't they know they are standing in front of *World Wild Handsome*!!
As I was going to stop them , saying that they are standing in front of WWH I hear a long sigh , n there he is,
"Stop it , You both!!"
"How do u manage them hyung."
I giggle.
"As I manage you guys."
I hear more laughs from the stool in front of me.
"Ya!!!, hyung!!"

"So , where is jungkook , hyung?"
"I guess he is still sleeping."
I say while stirring soup.
"It's been long time, I haven't seen him."
"Yeah , you went for work to USA?!"
I hear loud giggles from the stool in front of me, they like it when , I make him all embarrassed!!
"N , arrived yesterday I guess?!"
"Fine , hyung I give up."

He starts walking from the kitchen towards the stairs , probably to jk's room.

"Yah!!!, You disrespectful brat be careful!!"
He takes 360 degree turn , being all dramatic with a frown on his face.
"Why , hyung??"
"I had a small fight yesterday!"
"Ahahaha!!!Okay , hyung!"
N he starts walking again , I guess now , jk's mood will be all fine , after seeing him.

I was preparing table for the breakfast , I hear footsteps,
I turn back to hoseok's worried face??
"What , happen hoseokie?"
"Hyung , I can't find him!!"
"What , do you mean?"
"I have checked his room , n even his bathroom , heck all the other rooms too , he is nowhere to be seen."
"Seriously , this boy??"
"Where did he go?"
I turn towards my left n shout
"Yes sir!"
"Did , you see jungkook going out at night?"
"No , sir?!"
"Are u sure?"
"Yes sir , He didn't went anywhere after arriving from work!"
"Okay you may leave."
"I think we should inform hyung."
"You are right rose."
"Hoseok , you go get him , I know he will be all grumpy , just say him 'World wild handsome has requested to see you!'"
I can hear hoseok mumbling something and taking big steps towards his room.

I hear hoseok calling for me ,I run with jisoo and rose following me behind , please don't say me that he is also nowhere to be found, jisoo sensed my tension....
"Don't worry hyung , they are THE MIN'S!!"


As we reach his room , I find hoseok standing outside
"What happen why haven't you entered??"
"I did hyung ,You need to look yourself in!!"

"And here they say , They are the strongest Alpha!!"
"And THE MIN'S!"
I turn towards hoseok , as he complete my sentence he has the softest smile on his face, I hear click noises n I turn towards my left to find both rose n jisoo clicking their pictures from different angles , but I didn't realize , I was smiling so bright , it had been a while seeing jungkook sleeping so peacefully n all curled up towards his side n he sleeping like a starfish , I start giggling thinking about my own thoughts , suddenly I hear clicking noise from my right too , It has awaken me from my trance of thoughts , as I turn towards my right , I find hoseok also clicking their pictures , but suddenly jk moves indicating them to stop , He starts opening his eyes n find camera on his face jisoo was trying to capture his cute face so later , she can tease him n ask for anything , as he doesn't like when people take his photos heck his cute photos.

Author's Pov

"What's happening here?"
Jk starts scanning the room , it was jisoo's and rose luck that , when they saw jk stirring they hided their phones behind their backs otherwise it would be a great start of morning.

While scanning the room Jk's eyes landed first on jisoo , then on rose n then lastly on jin , as he made eye contact with jin he felt guilty for yesterday , he felt somebody moving beside his hyung to come in his view , when he looked , he couldn't stop the bunny tooth appearing on his face.

He jumped out of bed and on hoseok , hoseok giggled n patted his head jin made hand motions towards jisoo and rose who were smiling seeing the scene played front of them , n when they saw jin , they started following their hyung , jk let go hoseok n followed jin towards the exit of the room , leaving hoseok all clueless behind.

Hoseok without thinking started running , not wanted to be catched being alone in the room.

Jisoo n rose started munching on delicious breakfast made by their hyung , hoseok joined them after few seconds n started devouring the food like he haven't ate for weeks.

Jisoo and rose tried to act like they didn't knew their own hyung.

Jk followed Jin to the kitchen , he saw his hyung going towards the fridge n when he was about to apologize , he saw his hyung closing the fridge n taking steps towards him , he thought his hyung is again gonna shout on him , so he kept quite , but he felt something cold touching his knuckles n when he looked down , he found a glass of banana milk made by his hyung specifically for him , he took the glass from his hyung n gave a bunny smile to his hyung n then followed his hyung towards the dinning area.

Jin saw hoseok , eating with the speed of Bugatti chiron.
"Hoseokie,food won't runaway!!"
"It will hyung!"
"Just let him be hyung."
Jin gives a small nod to jk and starts serving him.

"Good Morning , Everyone!!"
A very low raspy morning voice is heard greeting everyone from stairs , n both rose n jisoo run towards the voice like their is some sale going on , seeing them running like that , with mouthful of pancakes jin , jk and hoseok starts laughing.

"We missed you "Alpha"!!"


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