01 | arriving

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Age 17

I stare outside the car window, at the beautiful city lights of New York. A smile touches my lips. It's been a long time since I came here, the city that never sleeps.

Sighing, I scan down my outfit for tonight's event. I'm quite satisfied with what I'm wearing -- a halter neck styled tosca dress that crosses over at the front, fitted waist, leg slit. My long wavy blonde hair is swept on one side. This should be appropriate enough to attend one of the biggest events this year.

I glance at my cousin, Sienna, who's sitting in the car next to me. She looks gorgeous in her one-shoulder maroon dress.

Her elder brother, Max, sits near the other car window, typing something on his phone. He also looks well-groomed in his navy suit.

Sitting at the front seats are Aunt Melanie and Uncle Vaughn. Dad is currently overseas for a business trip, accompanied by Mom. Sending me here to stay with his sister during the summer holiday is preferable rather than having me sulking alone in our home in Texas. He has heard too much of my excitement to spend summer in New York.

Besides spending time with my beloved cousins, aunt, and uncle, I also plan to meet my friends here. I'm going to have the best summer holiday ever.

"Luna can't wait to see us," Max announces in a happy tone, letting us know that his fiancee is already waiting for us to arrive.

Right. Fiancee.

Who would get engaged just right after starting college? That's them, Max and Luna.

Everybody knows how in love they are, and I can see why he's crazy about her -- Luna Klein is one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

So when Max told us that he'd proposed to Luna, while also making it clear that they would only get married once they graduated from college, no one objected.

Uncle Vaughn and Aunt Melanie have grown close to Luna's parents, Lucas and Cassandra Klein. Everybody knows Lucas and Cassandra Klein as the world's most loved celebrity couple, a well-known billionaire and a superstar. Even until today, the Kleins never fail to make reporters and paparazzi swarm around them.

Since they are now really close with Max's family, they wouldn't celebrate tonight's event without them. The said event has been attracting the media's attention since the moment they first announced it. And that is their son's wedding.

Aiden Klein's wedding.

Tonight, at the age of 26, Aiden Klein will tie the knot with his future wife. And that's why we're all here in this car, heading to the most phenomenal wedding hall in New York.

After we reach the building, we get out of the car. Uncle Vaughn leaves it to the valet. My heart is beating fast when I stare at the grand entrance. The place is packed with celebrities. There are too many famous faces I recognize -- well-known actresses and actors, supermodels, singers, socialites, politicians, and businessmen.

Damn. Tonight's event is definitely one to be carved in history. Aiden Klein's wedding is the biggest one held in New York this year.

"Oh my God, remind me to behave," Sienna whisper shouts in my ear as we climb the stairs in the main lobby. "There are so many people here I want to take pictures with."

I chuckle, and when we arrive in the main venue of the reception -- a hall so huge and glamorous, filled with even more well-groomed guests -- my breath catches in my throat. I see reporters interviewing some guests and the media staff documenting the event. This wedding will definitely be aired on TV although it won't be broadcasted live.

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