(Request) Back To The Future- Marauders

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Requested by: DesallineDesalline

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Requested by: DesallineDesalline

Request: Can you please make a time travelling story with Marauders.

Warnings: Swearing

**Requests are closed**


You didn't mean for it to happen- you were messing around- but now you were lost. Well... not exactly lost as in where but rather when. You knew exactly where you were, in the clock tower at school, but you didn't know what year. For that you can thank your stupidity. You knew the rules yet you still messed around with the time turner.

In hindsight you could just test your luck and use the time turner again and see where it gets you but you figured it would be more useful and beneficial to at least know what year it is. That way you could then figure out how many turns it would take for you to get back to 1993, to your year. The only problem is, you couldn't just walk up to the first person you find and ask for the year. They'd think you're crazy. No, you'll have to be cautious about this.

Wondering around the empty corridors, you were quick to hide the time turner back under your shirt as you tried to work out what year you were in. The only thing you knew for certain was that you went back in time. So you couldn't have gone back that far? Could you?

"The trophy room!" You thought suddenly, going down a flight of stairs to the fourth floor of the castle. If anywhere would have the year written down or displayed, it would be the trophy room on the level below.

It was brilliant!

Not wanting to waste anymore time you picked up your pace and continued down the staircase until you reached the third floor.

"Trophy room. Trophy room." You mumbled repeatedly to yourself as you briskly walked down the third floor corridor. Your eyes subconsciously scanning each and every door that you passed, despite not needing to.

As you did this, you picked up on how unusually quiet the corridor is but the thought was dismissed equally as fast. "Lessons." You mumbled. You found the room not long after. Looking either way in the corridor you, making sure no one was there, quietly pressed opened the door. The room was never locked so you didn't have any worries of that being a problem.

Closing the door behind you, you began wondering around the room. You've always enjoyed the peacefulness that the trophy room seem to hold. You always found yourself in here from time to time, not to gaze at the trophys, but to have a moment to yourself from your hetic days of being friends with the Golden Trio.

Spotting one of the Quidditch plaques in the glass cases towards the back , you came to a stop, pressing a hand to the glass. The trophy room was regularly updated, so assuming they've not held the Quidditch tournement yet this year this would make the year you're stuck in- "1974." You sighed in disbelief as your eyes fell on the date and your hand dropping from the glass case. "I'm stuck in 1974." You groaned. "I guess it could have been worse." You reasoned, shaking your head.

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