Chapter- 30

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Braelyn's POV

"Victoria called me telling me that you were flying off to Germany for a month because you wanted to get away from me, that you had asked to never call you again." He stared at me with dry amusement before letting out a humourless chuckle.

"Amazing! I didn't know that I ever said something like that! I went to Germany for the company." He spoke, a mock smile gracing his lips. My eyes were stinging with tears.

"And  even if it was true, if I had really said those words, you decided to give up?" His voice sounded so dangerously cold like it could give you chills.

"I was guilty Evan, I had hurt you so bad and when I heard that you didn't want to see me at all, I decided to give you what you wanted."  He nodded big with a sarcastic laughter.

"You decided to give me what I wanted." Evan's expression was scaring me to death. He looked as if he could explode any moment.

"You decided that it was best to leave me in your past and move on. You bloody moved on." He punched the wall with all his might, trying to release his frustrations through it.

"Evan." I gasped in horror. His knuckles were covered with blood making it look extremely painful.

"Don't". He warned, raising his other hand as I took a step forward to hold his hand. His eyes were bloodshot, reflecting the raw anger raging in him. I took a deep breath and tried blinking away the tears.

"Evan, I never moved on. I never looked at anyone else. You were always in my thoughts." I tried my best to keep my voice from breaking.

"And what good did it do to us? " His words came fast and sharp.

"Everyday, I waited for you to call me but you didn't. Why, Brae?" His face held the expression of  helplessness and frustration.

"If I was in your place, I wouldn't have given up. Even if you didn't want to meet me, I would have called you everyday, stalked you everywhere till you would agree to hear me out. But you did what was easy, you gave up on us, you gave up on our love!" The damn had broken long back and the tears I was trying to control were now freely cascading down my cheeks.

He clenched his fist causing him to hiss in pain. His bloodied knuckles looked really painful. Ignoring my gaze on him, he strode upstairs. Wiping my eyes, I quickly rushed after him.

Following him into his room and then into his washroom, I saw him pulling out the first aid kit. Just as he opened it, I snatched it from his hands.

"Brae, give it back." Without listening to him, I brought his hand under cold water. I poured antiseptic liquid on some cotton

"I will do it." He put his hand forward for me to give it to him. I sighed and brought his injured hand forward.

"Let me." I looked pleadingly at him while he stared back, as if looking for something in my face.
Taking his silence as an answer, I started cleaning his wound. He hissed each time I dapped the cotton on his knuckles.
I looked up after bandaging his hand and his intent stare was still on me.

"Evan, I didn't want to hurt you." I said after gathering a lot of courage.

"But you did." His lips were pressed in a thin line while his eyes shone with moisture.

"Evan…." I trailed off not knowing what to say. After a brief moment of silence, Evan bent down and touched his forehead with mine, his left hand holding the nape of my neck while his injured hand was still held in mine.

"Brae." He whispered my name, sending shivers up my body. Both of our eyes closed only listening to each other's breaths.

"I am hurt. Too hurt at the fact that you couldn't trust me to go against the world for us. You gave up on us." I shook my head in protest. Peeling open my eyes I saw  that his eyes were still closed but a sad smile playing on his face, a smile filled with so much pain and anguish. My eyes watered again.

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