#16 Once upon a time

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[I didn't know how to fill in this chapter. So I decided to fill this chapter with some random stuff. This takes place a week after the beach fest.]

"So hey, y/n." Mitsuya spoke up after a few minutes of silence. Currently y/n and the Toman division leaders, except for Muto, Sanzu and Mikey, were sitting in her mom's café eating some food while she works on her homework.

"Hm, what's up Mitsuya?" y/n looks up from her homework, which is Geography, her favorite subject,"Can you tell us an interesting fact about your clan?" Mitsuya asks and y/n nods with a smile,"Sure though which do you wanna hear? Our clan's different departments? Our history? Who our enemies are? Or our traditional marriage proposal?" she lists off.

"Traditional marriage proposal?" Baji raises a brow,"You guys propose a specific way?" Angry questions with a raised brow,"Just the men though. The men in my family has to propose to a girl with a necklace that symbolizes to other Yakuza clans and people that she's engaged to that clan's leader. The pendant can either be our clan's mark or what represents the man." y/n explains.

"That's an interesting way to propose to a girl." Draken hums as he leans back in his seat,"Yep." y/n nods before pointing at her mom,"Look at my mom's neck. See her necklace? That's her proposal necklace." she giggles as the boys studies the beautifully crafted pendant hanging from a silver chain.

"She once told me my dad tried to find an Oni pendant, but couldn't find one that was beautiful enough for her

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"She once told me my dad tried to find an Oni pendant, but couldn't find one that was beautiful enough for her. So he resorted to our clan's mark." she laughs at the memory,"Why an Oni?" Chifuyu asks,"My dad is known as the Oni King in our clan and to others. He had serious rage issues back in the day." y/n explains as she writes something down.

"Had serious rage issues?" Smiley quirks a brow,"After meeting my mom, he's calmed down a lot and after I was born he totally mellowed out." y/n smiles as she pushes her glasses up,"So what about your aunt? What necklace did she get from your uncle?" Hakkai asks with pink cheeks. Even though he can now talk to her, he still gets flustered around her.

"A fox necklace. My uncle is known as the Sly Kitsune because of his silver tongue. He can trick anybody with just his words and actions." y/n explains,"He also taught my cousin that so he can earn his title." she adds.

"So if your uncle is teaching your cousin his skills, then what does your dad teach you?" Baji asks and y/n finches a bit before looking away flustered, not saying anything.

"Why so quiet all of a sudden? Is it a dangerous skill? Or an embarrassing one?" Draken teases as Angry and Chifuyu pokes y/n's flustered cheeks,"Stop poking my cheeks!" she huffs, her glasses sliding down a bit.

"Then tell us what skill did your old man teach ya!" Smiley urges,"I'm not comfortable with sharing it. It's not exactly.... Uh, kid friendly?" y/n says with uncertainty as she pushes her glasses back up,"What's that supposed to mean? It can't be that bad, right?" Mitsuya says with nervousness and curiosity. Now they're all curious about what skill she learned from her dad.

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