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"Are you kidding me? Do you know how embarrassing that was?" He yelled. He always yelled, I don't know how his voice never gave out. "My girlfriend that I've been dating for 10 months doesn't even know my middle name!"

I flinched when his fist banged the counter. It made the vase filled with the flowers he gave me for our 9 month anniversary shake. I was good at taking care of plants, it's why they've lasted a month when they usually die before the next week.

"I'm sorry," I sounded small. I hated it. I used to be so loud, I would laugh at every sentence and people would laugh with me.

His shoulders dropped from his tensed stance when he saw my breathing hesitate. He slowly walked towards me and I stood frozen as he came closer and closer.

I held my breath as his arm raised up. He pulled me into a hug, one which I didn't reciprocate. He squeezed my frail body until it hurt. The heel of his palm started digging into a bruise on my shoulder.

I tried to push away but he wouldn't let go. It hurt. He just wouldn't let me go-

"Shit." I brush the hair that clung to my sweaty face out of the way. I sit up in bed and glance at the clock. 7 AM. His voice still rings in my ears. He used to yell all the time, it's engraved in my brain like words on a tombstone.

I would let him yell at me. The outcome was better if I stayed quiet, then apologized after his childish fits.

But, that doesn't matter anymore, because it doesn't happen anymore. Someone yells at me, I yell back. It occurs a lot, especially if you live in New York.

Speaking of New York, the team decided they wanted the mural to be a skyline of New York City. Quite basic, but it represents who they are and where most of them were raised.

Sofia and Rafael grew up in California.

Because they chose a dark theme, the sky is going to be a darker blue. But, we still get to incorporate Colton's wishes for some lighter colors because of the city lights, which is one of my favorite things about New York.

I rub my temples in hopes of getting rid of the dull pain in my skull. Walking over to the kitchen, I pour myself a glass of water, and bring it to the bathroom. I search for the familiar bottle and dump out two painkillers.

I can already feel the pain reside as I chug the rest of the water. Maybe it's a mental thing, pills don't work this quickly.

I muffle a groan with my palm and walk back to my bedroom to get ready for the day.

I've already started coloring in my sketch, and deciding the proportions, which means I've been at the FBI facility almost everyday.

Luca does a very good job at avoiding me. I don't know if he has security cameras tracking me wherever I go, which seems likely, or if he just never leaves his office.

An hour later, I'm in the middle of Home Depot for those giant paint jugs. I'm about to pick up a shade of 'Blueberry Pie' but my phone rings.

I take a quick look at the contact name and smile. I immediately answer and put the phone up to hear screaming on the other end.

"Hana! Did you see the picture I sent to you? She's so pretty!" Vanessa squealed. Most people would think she has a crush on someone, but in reality, she's talking about the flower she's been trying to grow for two months.

"I did! Who knew it was going to be blue instead of orange?" I recall opening her text, it looked like the stereotypical flower you would draw in 1st grade. I didn't know they actually existed.

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