Chapter 20

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Kinda a filler chapter 😅
"She's sleeping?" "She's gonna sleep a lot Xiao she's a newborn" "What's that?" "It means she was just born" "How do you born a baby" "That's a question I'll answer when you're older"
"Xiao come on wake up it's Christmas!" "Ganyu you're hurting me" "Hurry we have to see what we got!" "It appears Ganyu beat us to waking up her brother"  "Dad he won't get up!" "You should let your brother rest for a while"
"Xiao what's that?" "Hm? Oh just some old pictures of me and Ganyu" "Who's that?" "Me" "That's you?! You looked so nice and sad I refuse to believe it, and you're hair! There's no way you had those highlights since you were younger!" "Ganyu was obsessed with me having blue hair like her so she colored parts of my hair" "How old were you?" "I don't know maybe around ten or eleven" "You were so cute what happened" Xiao rolled his eyes and snatched the photo away from Venti as he laughed. "I'm kidding geez"
"Xiao,Venti there you two are" "Oh Miko how'd you get into our house and how long were you looking for us?" "Neither of those questions matter as of now, have you seen Kazuha and Aether?" "Yea they're sleeping upstairs" "Oh perfect you're all together, well I'll let them sleep but if they're not up within ten minutes I guess I'll wake them up" "I thought we had a free day today" "We do I just need to go over something with all of you"  "Oh alright"  "Here Venti hold this" "Huh, oh wow okay" Venti held onto the box Xiao put into his arms. "What's in this box?" "Sayu's old baby things" "Do you just keep everything in that closet?" "All old things in boxes yes" "Miko? Where you here?" "You two have your own home I could ask you the same" "They get lonely without us two with them" "Not true I'm just scared Kazuha will kill me in my sleep" "You're an idiot Aether"
"Well since you're all up I can go over everything with you"
"So for starters I changed the dates for your photo shoots from the nineteenth to the twenty third due to Sayu's birthday and-"
"Alright class I want each of you to stand up and go around and say what your parents work at, I'll go first. My mom works at a flower shop and my Dad is a cook, Sayu would you like to go next?" Sayu nodded her head and stood up. "Well both of my dads work together they said they're in a band" "Sayu you didn't say your mom!" The rest of the class all agreed and began talking at the same time "Now class if Sayu doesn't want to say what it is her mother does she doesn't have to say it okay?" "Yes miss Lisa" "Thank you Sayu you can sit down now"
+skip to the end of the day because uhm idk+
"Sayu do you want to call your dads?" Sayu shook her dead "Papa said he'd kill daddy if he ever forgot to pick me up they will be here" "Ah sorry I came so late there were some mishaps along the way" "Come on now Sayu your dad has a surprise for you at home" "Is it a toy?" "No I told you no more toys until your birthday remember?" Sayu nodded her head "Oh right Sayu spilt water on herself while painting so the nurse gave her a change of clothing her other clothes are in her backpack. Venti nodded his head and smiled "Thank you Sayu say bye now" Sayu waved goodbye as her and Venti walked off.
"Is the surprise something I like?" "I can't tell you I wouldn't really be a surprise you know" "You're right it wouldn't, can I take a nap in the car?" "Sure go for it"
"Venti you're back already? That was fast" "He's used to doing things fast" "Like what you said daddy couldn't play sports well and you have to be fast to play sports" "Did you just make a dirty joke in front of your kid?" "No I was referring to how fast he can write and make things" "Righttt" "I'm gonna kill you" "You can't live without me I'm your best friend" "I hate you" "You love me" Xiao glared at Aether who was smiling back at him. "My surprise can it be a longer nap time?" "You definitely enjoy sleeping don't you Sayu" "Sayu?" "She fell asleep" "Dear god"

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