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The next day Maze pretended that I didn't exist, she ignore my 'good mornings' and 'how are yous' and proceeded with her day with me on her tail for protection.

I mean what's wrong with what we've done yesterday, I'm pretty sure she liked it with the way she moaned my name and held into me. Images of her face as she came on my hand rushed to my brain, more like to my crotch. I cleared my throat and tried to fix myself by moving my thighs. I looked up and Maze was staring at me suspiciously, I didn't smile. I just stared at her until she rolled her eyes and turned back in front of her.

We were inside her dad's company because she needed to attend one of the meetings in the place of her dad since he's been on a business trip for a while.

Everyone greeted her with a smile and she just ignored them, with the corner of my eyes I saw a man run towards her with a smile on his face and I quickly stepped in front of her grabbing his arm and flipped him on his back.

"Dawn!" I heard her yell, I gave her a confused look and she pushed me off of the guy.

"Martin! Are you okay?!" She helped him on his feet, and asked him. I gave both of them a weird look confused, I thought he wanted to hurt her.

"Are you out of your mind Dawn, you just tackled my highschool friend" she huffed annoyingly, how was I supposed to know that.

"Don't lie to her Maze, you know we were more than friends" the Martin guy said laughing, he seemed weird to me. I don't know about him but he looks like someone who'd be a a future cop and a wife beater. I'm not judging though.

She proceeded to tell me how they were highschool sweethearts and now he works for her father, he was one of the people attending the meeting. I didn't want to know all of that specially the lover part but I didn't show it I just stared at her with a blank face.

I opened the door to the meeting room, and when Martin tried to walk in after Maze I blocked his way and I went after her first. The room wasn't full yet, there was a couple of men in their suits and the three of us. Maze went and took her seat at the head of the table and I stood on her right away from the table.

A few minutes later, a woman who's maybe in her late twenties walked in. She was wearing a black dress suit with black heels, her hair was down and resting on her back. She scanned the room until her eyes landed on Maze, she smiled at her politely and took a seat on the opposite end.

Before the meeting could start, I can a pair of eyes look at me. I pulled my head up and looked around for who the person watching me and my eyes landed on the woman who walked last. Her eyes were scanning my whole body and I saw the corner of her lip curve into a smirk.

"Mrs. Holland, thank you for joining us today. I apologize for my father's absence but I'm here to replace him for today" Maze said, I wasn't paying attention to the whole meeting because it wasn't my thing these business things. But what caught my eye was how Mrs. Holland would steal looks at me. I think Maze noticed as well because she side eyed me for a second and then smirked at Mrs. Holland.

"Mrs. Holland, how's your husband" she asked her, Mrs. Holland smile fell and she moved uncomfortably in her seat. Maybe something happened between her and her husband.

The meeting ended and everyone left except Mrs. Holland, Maze, Martin and Me. The two boss ladies threw glares at each other as both of them collected their belongings.

Maze left first with Martin behind her, I was about to follow them when I felt a hand touch my butt, Mrs. Holland's hand was inside my back pocket and she squeezed my cheek. In a swift moment I grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall.

"Don't fuckin touch me" I said between gritted teeth, she smiled and was about to say something when Maze walked in.

"Dawn where d- what the fuck?!" I let go of Mrs. Holland and followed a very pissed Maze. Why was she pissed at me, I didn't do anything. That woman touched my butt, and I confronted her.

"Maze wait" I called but she ignored me, I ran after her as she fast paced to the car.

"For god's sake Maze wait!" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me. Her face was red, she yanked her wrist out of my grip.

"Go fuck her and leave me alone" she said, she tried to open the car door but I pushed her against it. Her back was pressed to my front and I grabbed her hands and pinned them in front of her.

"Are you jealous?" I whispered in her ear, she squirmed under me but she had nowhere to go. I pressed myself harder against her until she felt my member press on her butt and that little move made her moan.

"So you're jealous I had another woman pinned" I kissed behind her ear while interlocking my fingers on hers.

"N-no" She stuttered out, I kissed her jaw and gently let go of her hands. She turned to look at me and her face was red and flustered. I gave her an innocent smile and just folded my arms in front of me.

"I hate you..." She went inside the car and slammed the door shut. I chuckled getting in the driver's seat. If she wants to act like there's nothing going on between us then I can pretend too.


Alright, I admit it is my fault that Dawn is way too professional with me. She's too good at this, she's been ignoring me for the past two weeks. I hate it, I hate it so much. She doesn't look at me, she doesn't open my door, she doesn't help me with my coat which is the worst of them all.

"Dawn?" I called for her, she looked at me with her blank face that I still didn't get used to.

"Can you bring me my purse please, I- I forgot it downstairs" I asked her, that's not what I actually wanted. I just wanted her to acknowledge me, maybe I am wearing something to catch her attention. You never know, I just wanna know if she was still interested in me.

She left my room and I quickly took off my dress, I had my red lingerie under. The color was so appealing this was one of my favorites. I wasn't going to wait for her in the middle of the room, I went to the closest and started looking for my necklace. I was sure I put it in one of the drawers. When I turned around, Dawn was standing in front of me with her eyes wide and she was gripping the purse with both hands.

"I- eh I'm sorry" she quickly turned around and was about to leave.

"Wait!" I called for her and she stopped, still not looking at me. I walked in front of her but she avoided my gaze and just stared at the wall behind me. The purse wasn't in her hands anymore so I grabbed one of them and put it on my boob.

"You don't find me pretty Dawn?" I moaned as I squeezed her hand on my breast. I can tell she wanted me because I can feel her fingers move with mine. I made her look at me, her eyes were a deep color and her lips were slightly parted.

"Show me how much you want me Dawn"

Well this is interesting...


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