#17 No way

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Y/n couldn't believe what she heard from Baji's mouth. He and Kazutora were the cause of Mikey's older brother's death,"After that, Mikey and I went our separate ways." Baji ends his story.

[Mikey...] y/n thought with sympathy,[It's hard to accept that one of your friends killed one of your own family members.] she thought with trembling hands.

"Kazutora defended me in court. That's the only reason I didn't go to juvie and since then, I've just been waiting till he was finally a free man again." Baji admits shocking both middle schoolers.

"Awesome. Hell of a story Baji, and that kind of dedication is definitely welcomed here. Baji, you get a Valhalla jacket!" Hanma announces as he hands Baji a similar white jacket to him, who slips it on with a grin,"And you two tell Mikey something. One week from right now on the night of October 31st, abandoned car lot, finally Valhalla versus Toman. Shits going down~" Hanma adds with a sadistic grin before he narrows his eyes at y/n.

"Oh, and Cupcake~ Don't bother bringing your army with you. This is purely a gang war, not Yakuza war." he says and y/n huffs,"I can't stop them. I only have certain control over the Yakuza since my uncle and dad are still in charge of 'em. But, I'll only involve my cousin since we're kind of a dynamic duo. Is that fine?" she asks with a low tone, causing shivers to crawl down Hanma's spine.

"Oh, so fierce~ I'll allow it, since I've seen you both in action." he grins before they're both dismissed,"Chifuyu." y/n mutters as she states down at his battered body. She hoists him onto his back before running out of Valhalla's base and towards the hospital,"I need a doctor stat!" she calls out as a doctor quickly took action and takes Chifuyu from her.

"What happened to him?" the doctor asks as Hyugo comes over,"I found him like this. He was most likely been ambushed and beaten by some thugs." y/n easily lies and with a nod, the doctor wheels Chifuyu to an emergency room.

"What really happened Miss y/n?" Hyugo asks as y/n sits down in the waiting room,"Ugh, one of Toman's division captains joined up with a rivaling gang named Valhalla. He had to prove his loyalty to them by beating up his vice-captain." she explains with an exhausted groan.

"I see." Hyugo nods with a hum as he sits next to her,"Also, there's going to be a war on October 31st at an abandoned car lot. I want medical team on standby if anything goes wrong." y/n says with serious eyes.

Hyugo huffs and amused smirk,"You're just like your old man. Always planning things way ahead of times." he then stood up with a slap to his knees,"Alright, I'll inform the others of your situation and have them on standby by then." he nods before leaving.

"Excuse me miss, are you the one who brought the young man in?" a nurse asks y/n after 30 minutes,"Yes, I am. Is he okay?" y/n asks with concern as she stood up,"He's fine, though we had to pop his nose back into place and his right eye had to be bandaged up. Other than that, he's going to make a quick recovery." the nurse explains.

"That's a relief. Which room is he in?" y/n sighs with relief as she rubs her one eye under her glasses,"At the end of the hall, the one on the right." the nurse points her in the direction. Y/n nods a thanks to her before speed walking towards Chifuyu's room.

"Chifuyu!" she calls out with relief,"Huh, y/n?" Chifuyu jumps in surprise as y/n hugs him,"Ah, were you the one who brought me to the hospital?" he asks as he hugs back,"Yep!" y/n pulls back with a smile,"Chifuyu, how did you get into Valhalla's hideout? Baji almost clobbered you to death." she asks.

"I followed him there. But, there was a reason I followed him." Chifuyu says with a serious expression,"Baji had to beat me so he could get into Valhalla, but he didn't do it so he could crush Toman. He did so he could infiltrate them." he explains and y/n remembers Baji's words from the night before.

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