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Taehyung's Pov

I knew , jimin's alpha is very strong but I didn't expect that . I'm very curious should I ask him now or should I wait till we reach the cafe , finally I can see the cafe , it looks like 7 billion years later ....
"Wow that was so cool!"
I hear jennie saying both lisa and jiminie turns on hearing Jennie's voice , I should thank her for breaking the ice.
Lisa giggles.
"This was second time I saw tae in his human wolf form."
"You were ethereal tae and I'm not gonna act , but jimin was beyond sexy!"
Jimin snorts.
"Thanks lisa , but Jiminie??"
"How is that possible?"
Jimin was walking in backward direction while facing me , I can feel both lisa and jennie are as curious as me ,
"To be really frank tae , I have no idea!!"
"But it's impossible an alpha light can speak heck growl!!"
"I have read many books on true blood omegas and alphas after first time u and tae showed us your human wolf form on our first day of university , I know it's common for a true blood omega and alpha to glow in their mates light , n that's the maximum level of it."
Both me and lisa nods on jennie's retort.
"Wait , Is jimin's mate not a wolf?"
Three of us glare towards lisa like , what?!!! now I'm sure she don't act dumb she is dumb.
"No , I mean like may be jimin's mate is vampire with magics!?."
She says dreamily.
"First of all it's hyung for you lisa , n guys lets just enter the cafe , or are u
planning to stand here whole day till u guys decide whether my mate is wolf or 'VAMPIRE WITH MAGICS'"
He says while playing with his hands and acting like a magician , I'm relaxed that he is not acting like a delirious man.

Jimin's Pov

We were sitting on table with large window , from where we can see the hallway of the mall.
"Wait , I don't want blueberry muffin , I want strawberry muffin!!"
"Slow down lisa!!"
I shout.
Both tae n jennie were standing in the queue , till lisa decided that she wanted strawberry muffin not blueberry , n started running towards counter like she will starve if she didn't get a strawberry muffin.

I know , I shouldn't think this way but,..............

Of course I'm a wolf "True blood omega" so it's common that my mate is a wolf too "My alpha" , but then How come he growled it's impossible , did my ear play trick with me.........

Flash back

I was in trance of thoughts whether I should call rm hyung or allow my wolf to take over.
I'm awaken from my inner world , by someone coughing , n I found a man choked to the death n I can feel the red light radiating from me, as I just realized what's happening , I feel goosebumps sprouting over the entire length of my arms n then.....


Shiver runs down my spine n my legs start giving up on me. But then suddenly I see a man approaching tae , I feel the rush of powers in me n I'm in front of tae . And my alpha light picks that piece of man in air like he is a mere partical of dust but then I feel some sort of energy radiating from my back n suddenly there is a merge of red and purple light n when I turn around , I find tae radiating golden light with purple light surrounding it , n his eyes are 'half gold n half purple' , he looks bewitching this is the second time , I'm seeing him in his human wolf form ,I can see blue light surrounded by red light in his eyes ,as I was going to look more deeper in his eyes , I hear a loud "TUD" with the sound of boots hitting the ground n as I turn I find the man who was brutally thrown on the ground with large tud sound and the one who was coughing running with their so called friends , I feel all eyes on us , I sort of start feeling more angry.

I close my eyes to calm down , n when I open my eyes I see tae is taking deep shallow breaths to calm down.

Jennie growled indicating all the people who ever enjoying the drama than lending a hand that the drama has come to an end.
Such people makes me sick like duh....

Flash back ends...........

Jennie shouts in my fucking ear.
"Your coffee."
I look up watching tae serving me my mocha n taking seat beside me,as I was going to thank him.
We looks towards lisa , "HYUNG" word coming out of her mouth is like some dumb ass saying , mule is a donkey.
She starts bawling!!
"I knew he is cheating?!"
She points towards the window , when we look what she is trying to convey I see them.

"What are they doing here?"
Me n jennie nods on tae's question.

We look towards the source of voice that's coming from the entrance.


We have no option but to run and catch up with her, tae , me and jennie pick our coffee's , and try to catch her.

We find both Namjoonie hyung n kai hyung in coats section , wait now I'm also suspicious.

"No,No,No please!!"
Jennie whisper yell
I look towards lisa n shit , things are going to go down.

Author's Pov

"I said u , didn't I?!"
Kai turns his head to find his little sister walking towards him leading jimin , tae n jennie.
He glares.
Now all the commotion has namjoon's attention too....

"What are you doing here?"

"We came to pick models for fashion week."
She says while standing in front of kai , and snatching the coat from his hand.
"What , I liked it!?"
Jennie , tae n jimin runs in his arm and he smiles and open his arms,

Lisa ignores them n runs towards namjoon and hug him tightly , following her jimin , tae n jennie also run in for a big teddy hug,.

Namjoon smiles and release them.

Lisa runs towards a bright section of coats and picks a red coat.

"Hyung , this will suit you , n he likes this colour."
Everyone giggle at kai's reaction , kai huffs and snatch the coat softly from lisa's hold.

"But hyung , it's little suspicious to find you guys in mall heck coat section , what brings you here?"
Namjoon scratches his nape on jimin's questions , as he has ample of coats to wear even if the function is quite grand.

"Actually , they are coming for lunch."


Kai retorts.



Namjoon be like "Yeah , I ship them with my soul

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Namjoon be like "Yeah , I ship them with my soul."

                                                Author h....


I'm sorry for not posting yesterday , actually I was angry on my soulmate(Bestfriend), she didn't texted me .

I was angry on her for a silly reason as usual , without she having any idea lmao.

She is a goodie in two shoes n me 😂😂😂😂.

I still remember I used to not like her when she shifted to our school , she was a good student with high grades. I was a fine student myself too , but not a good ass.

I will continue next time.

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