➤flower crowns→gen x reader˚✧

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[a/n]: saw these gif's 'n I got an idea 😸 'n look at gen bein' all hot smh 🗿

anyways, hope you like this 🧘

p.s., not really following the anime, so they all know each other already n there was no 'war', so they're just a friend group in the village <3.

just in case;

male name ▸▸ [m/n]

nickname ▸▸ [n/n]

author's note ▸▸ [a/n]

Summary : ̗̀➛ [m/n], an aspiring florist, despite living in this new stone world, makes flower crowns for all his friends.

─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ───

slowly finishing up the last flower crown he made for his friends and boyfriend, [m/n] sighed. he had made each flower crown with flowers that best described each of them, including himself. and it had only taken five hours, one for each, which made him stay up later than he should've.

in taiju's, he has coreopsis, meaning always cheerful. edelweiss, courage and devotion, and some oak leaves, which means strength.

yuzuriha's has daisies, innocence and loyal love. hibiscus, delicate beauty. pink roses, happiness, and a few speedwell's that mean feminine fidelity.

senku's had asters, wisdom and devotion. dwarf sunflowers, adoration. clematis, mental beauty, ending with some thyme, courage and strength.

gen's started with some acanthus leaves, the fine art of artifice. red chrysanthemums, i love you. gardenia, secret love, and yarrow's, everlasting love.

[m/n] gave his crown sweet pea's, blissful pleasures. whites roses, i'm worthy of you. morning glories, affection. hydrangeas, gratitude for being understood, and some forget-me-not's, true love memories and do not forget me.

he was very proud of choosing different plants for them, even if it was very hard to find each one of them. it was worth it since his friends were like family to him. he also hoped that gen would like the flowers he tangled in his.

꒰🖇꒱ time skip to when people should actually be awake(👀)♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔

"hey taiju! you aren't busy, are you?" [m/n] hummed, walking up behind the tall male with his hands behind his back, holding his flower crown.

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