Chapter (6): The Lantern Festival - Part one

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A month later, Xie Lian came up to the Heavenly city while holding Wei Ying's hand in his. They looked like a pair of father and son, both wearing similar white robes, although Xie Lian's robes looked more neat and simple whereas Wei Ying's robes screamed out liveliness.

The heaven had been decorated with gold and jade all around. It was already magnificent as to be called "The White Jaded City", but today was the Mid-Autumn Festival, so the capital was even more glamorous.

If Xie Lian had come alone, he wouldn't care much about such extravagant decorations. He would wear a simple smile as he remained uninterested and humble. But a little eight-year-old cotton ball was in his hand right now. Xie Lian was now trying his hardest to go in a straight line.

For Wei Ying, this was his first time arriving in the heaven. Although he had seen glamorous stuffs back in the Paradise Manor, the 'White Jaded City' during the Mid-Autumn Festival is such a breath taking place for him that he couldn't hold in his excitement every time he saw something interesting, whether it be food or anything else, and he would try to run towards it. That's why Xie Lian had been trying his hardest to go in a straight line towards the place where the banquet had been prepared.

The heavenly banquet was set under the moon, in open air, surrounded by elegant fragrances; an air of propitiousness, clouds of prosperity, and blossoms flurried in the air like snow, giving way to both the space for entertainment and moon-watching.

The seating at the banquet was, of course, like trying find a seat in your classroom for the first time _confusing. The seat at the top was undoubtedly of the Great Martial Emperor Jun Wu. Then the other heavenly officials choose to sit either near the top seat or further from it. Heavenly officials with high ranks would choose the seats nearer.

But Xie Lian had no such intention. He chose a spot furthest from the top seat. He was already standing out enough wearing white and rather old robes to an extravagant banquet like this, and he brought Wei Ying with him, if he sat at a near-top seat, he would be standing out a lot _definitely a lot.

As he let Wei Ying sit first then sat down himself at a corner, he saw someone approaching them. Xie Lian immediately knew who it was.

The heavenly official adorned in war armor with a silver bow on his back, was no other than Feng Xin. They both stopped for a moment when they saw each other, and nodded; considering it a greeting.

When Feng Xin was reaching towards Xie Lian, he already saw the cotton ball Wei Ying beside him. Feng Xin studied the child beside Xie Lian. The child looked no older than eight. He was wearing simple white clothes with red and black linings, his hair tied up at the top with a red ribbon. The child had big curious blue eyes with puffy cheeks and bouncy black hair. His features were distinctly cute and his skin was cherry white; it was obvious that the child was incredibly cute. That was why the child didn't look out of place even though he was only wearing simple clothes to the heavenly banquet. If Xie Lian said this was his own child, Feng Xin would have his mind blown, but he would consider it to have a tiniest possibility since the child has such good looks just as Xie Lian.

It was already weird to see a child in the heaven, and the child is with Xie Lian. Feng Xin came over wanting to inquire about Wei Ying. But when he saw Xie Lian sitting in a corner, his mind mumbled over which to ask.

Feng Xin, "Who is the child and why are you sitting over here?"

Xie Lian, "..I thought I could sit anywhere?"

Feng Xin wanted to rebut but he saw someone waving to them from the corner of his eyes. Feng Xin shivered like he just saw a viper. He hesitated to leave for a bit, because he still wanted to ask about Wei Ying. But still he chose to scurry away as he heard that someone called out to Xie Lian.

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