XXIV. Doom

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"No Heeseung hyung, no Jay hyung, and no Jungwonie. It feels so dull here." Sunoo said with a sigh.

It's been days since they saw those three. The absence of their presence made the remaining boys feel quite sad.

"Don't worry, Heeseung and Jungwon are doing fine. Though they can't be with us right now, there's no need to worry. They just really have to do their own thing for now." Minji said, putting her food tray down on the table.

She wanted to assure the boys that everything will be fine, and they'll all be together again eventually.

"If only we could say the same for Jay. I'm starting to understand why his parents are getting worried that he's not responding." Sunghoon said with a sigh.

"At least what they think is that he's in Jake's house. That gives them a little peace of mind. But for us...it's getting very worrisome." he added.

Minji pat Sunghoon's back, comforting him of his worries.

While they were busy talking about Jay, Jake on the other hand kept looking around - searching for a certain someone.

"Who are you looking for?" Sunoo asked his hyung.

"Levi." Jake responded.

"Who??" Niki butt in on the conversation.

"The kid yesterday. Tall, same age as Niki, half black half white hair, kind of lazy."

"Ahhh him."

"I like his hair. Fashion forward. It's a shame that it's against school rules. He'll have to dye it into one color only." Sunoo stated.

Jake continued looking around. He tried thinking like Levi. "If I was shy and had an anti-social vibe, where would I be?" Jake asked himself.

Not long after, amidst the sea of students, Jake finally found Levi. Levi's hair helped him stick out among the crowd.

Levi had a sudden eye to eye contact with Jake. He saw his senior waving at him with a big smile.

"People." Levi squinted his eyes.

Jake introduced Levi to everyone at the table. Each of them took interest in the young boy. Levi reminded them of those anime characters who were edgy and gloomy.

Although, Levi did not reciprocate the same energy. He simply does not feel happy to meet new people. To him, it was pointless.

As the boys tried to get to know Levi, the only girl - Minji - seems to feel a different vibe from Levi. She normally doesn't mind judging people, but something about Levi makes her feel suspicious.

Could it be Levi's appearance? He certainly violated a lot of dress codes. Starting with his split-colored hair, to his black earrings, to his hand tattoos.

Could it be his attitude? Levi certainly does seem like he's uninterested to make friends.

Or could it be the fact that Levi has a bunch of suspicious things on his bag? A butterfly knife and chains on his bag? Do normal people bring those to school?

She looked at Levi with a weirded-out face. She doesn't want to be rude as to classify him as a freak, she's just being conscious of Levi.

Levi on the other hand for sure noticed Minji looking at him. He didn't care what she thinks or what she has to say though.

Minji shrugged the thoughts out of her mind and continued to converse with her friends during the lunch break.

"By the way, I'm going to visit Jungwon later. Do any of you want to come join me?" she asked.

Sunoo and Niki had both replied that they can't join her. Bot of them had something important to do.

Meanwhile Jake and Sunghoon said that they would gladly come along - if it weren't for the Jay issue. Right now, finding Jay was at the top of their to-do list. Jake shared that he and Sunghoon will be going to the police station to ask for help from professionals.

Levi looked at Minji. He stared at her with his hazy snake-like eyes.


Minji was on her way to Jungwon's apartment. Yesterday morning when she had gone there, she promised Jungwon that she'll come to visit again the next day. Not expecting to stay in his household for a long time, Minji just brought herself and her small purse bag.

"It's quite windy out here today. And a bit dark." she said to herself.

Although it was 4 in the afternoon, the sky's color was already dark grey. Pair that with strong blows of the wind - and you get a cinematic view. The atmosphere looked apocalyptic - like a disaster was right around the corner.

Minji held her bag tightly and fixed her messy hair.

The cold air gave her chills up her spine.

She looked forward - seeing a figure walking in the same direction as her. She tilts her head, thinking that the hair of that person looks familiar. Could that be...

"Jay-" she shouted, but she quickly stopped her sentence as soon as she saw an unfamiliar person grab her arm tightly.

She looked at the person with fear in her eyes, she feared that she was in danger.

"W-who are- Wait, you're that boy! Jake's friend! W-Why are you grabbing my hand??!" Minji shout.

Levi was holding Minji's arm tightly. She tried breaking free as hard as she can, but Levi's grip was too strong.

Her reaction was very reasonable. Who wouldn't react that way if someone you don't know grabs you? Plus, Minji finds Levi's personality weird and suspicious, the more reason why she is scared of him right now.


Minji turned to her left, seeing Heeseung across the street. Heeseung's eyes looked sharp - like they were engulfed in flames. Heeseung looked at Levi with much anger.

"Who are you??! Let her go!" Heeseung said as he started brisk walking across the street.

Jay turned around to see Levi and Minji as well. The same expression was seen on Jay's face. He had also started walking to the two, but at a much slower pace than Heeseung.

"Let go of me!!" Minji said as she struggled. She tried kicking Levi but he just wouldn't budge.

Heeseung kept walking closer to the two, and so did Jay.

Levi looked forward, tightening his grip on Minji as he slowly started to move backward.

Soon enough, Jay started walking faster.

"Run if you want to live." Levi said as he harshly and hardly dragged Minji towards the opposite way.

"W-what??!! Are you threatening me right now??!!"

Levi looked at her with an annoyed look.

Levi doesn't have time for this. He brought out his handkerchief and covered Minji's nose. She resisted the action, but she felt herself getting drowsy. It was the smell of chloroform.

Minji quickly fell asleep - in which the boy then carried her.

Levi ran as fast as he could, with Minji trapped in his arms.

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