|| DORAN ||

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 Author's excited note: For this chapter, all you need is two things –

1) The meaning of word "breeches" is PANTS.     
2) Lots of popcorn!

✨Sit back and enjoy our hero pulling a major heist. Hope he succeeds though.✨


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"What's with all the black clothes?"

Father's voice asked from behind, standing on the threshold of my chamber. Strapping daggers in the belt of my leather jerkin, I clicked my tongue, "Got a job to do."



He sighed, "What job, Doran?" The way he stretched the last syllable of my name, didn't leave my notice.

"I'll hopefully be back before midnight. The guards are stationed all around the palace. Do not let the protective wards go down even a bit. And keep an eye on the servants, in case Eleni decides to take a stroll about the palace. Make sure you both eat. And be nice."

"Hey," father raised his voice, "I am more than nice to her. She is a sweetheart."

I turned; brows raised. My eyes roved over his slightly wrinkled forehead, and the graying hair around his ears. In the last Conquest he had been in the Finale deservingly, but with opponents his age. This Conquest was full of young blood, and he still went into the ring, fighting the likes of Una and Nova. Well, that's how confident he was that I'd lose.

"Yes, she is." I walked past him, feeling the wrap of a slice of cheesecake in my inner pocket – sustenance, in case, I get caught.

"Doran, what are you about to do?" A little shake in his voice, made me anticipate his usual cynical comments about my imminent failure.

"I don't know, father. Hopefully something good," I sighed and walked out, waiting for him to stop me, like always. To tell me that I would never succeed at whatever I was about to do. But nothing came. No restrictions. No call outs.



Dylan had specifically said east of the undergrowth near the mountain Nixus. There had to be an opening somewhere that led underground. I ran across the Piscean Forest, the mountain looming ahead. Eleni had been brought out of the dungeon through a pathway of absconded water, and maybe Neo had put something similar to use and created an underground alcove. 

Eleni was immensely smart and she got little credit for it; she had figured out Neo's twisted mind, the dungeons, the wards. Well, that's how much time she had spent with him. A hot stream of blood rushed to my head, as I thought about her ripped open palm. I'd take my revenge my way.

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