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"They're just using you."

"You're a tool."

"Don't trust them."

"Join me."

My eyes shoot open and I quickly sit on my bed. I'm panting and sweating badly. My bedsheet is now wet because of the sweat.

Me*thought*: It happened again.

It's been three days since my encounter with Dabi and I didn't tell anyone about it.

I really want to tell someone, but voice in my head keep telling me to not trust them.

I then look at my bedside clock.

Me*thought*: Crap!! I'm late!!

Class 1-A

Iida: You don't look so good, (Y/N).

Deku: Yeah, he's right. Did anything happened?

Me:*yawn* Okaka...

Todoroki: Yep, something definitely happened. What's with that eye bags, anyway?

Me: Okaka...

My phone buzzed.

I took it out and open my inbox.

From: Unknown

So, you have made your decision? Just don't make me wait forever.

I sighed.

Me*thought*: Must be Dabi. How the hell he got my email?

"The brighter the light, the darker the darkness".

I understand what he was trying to say.

Evils were born by heros.

Heros are the light and evils are the darkness.

I've been wondering for a while.

Is the path that I'm walking on right now is correct?

If it's correct, then why villains were born by it?

Dabi POV

Twice: Who did you messaged?

Me: Someone that I'm trying to recruit.

Twice: Oh, will he join?

Me: Not sure. Trying to brainwash a hero is not easy.

Twice: I see! I see!

I then received an email.

I smirked after reading the email.

A week later later
The trip day

Monoma: Wha? Class A needs supplementary lessons? That means someone got a failing mark!? Huh!? Isn't that weird!? Isn't that strange!? I thought Class A supposed to be to Class B, right!?

Itsuka hit his neck from behind making him fell unconscious.

Itsuka:*smile* Sorry, Class A.

Girl from Class B 1: Don't get on Monoma's bad side.

Girl from Class B 2: Well, a lot of stuff happened at that sports festival... Either way, congrats, Class A.

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