Chapter 1: The Accident

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"Deku-kun!Are you okay?"-A girl with short brown hair is quickly running to the boy who's breathing heavily on the ground.

"I'm fine Uraraka,no need to be worried!By the way,those moves of yours just now was amazing!"- The boy called 'Deku' stood up from the ground with a help of his friend.

"Thanks for the compliment Deku-kun. You were great too."- Uraraka replied, her face was a little bit red when she hear it. Today they are training at another place and there is only 11 people who came.Apparently,she was paired with Deku.Suddenly, a voice called her back to earth.

"Uraraka! Midoriya! Have you guys finish training yet?"_ A boy with red and white hair came to them,following his back is a red hair boy and a boy who has yellow hair with a black streak in it.

"Hey Todoroki! Yeah! We're done!"_  Said Deku waving his hand as he and Uraraka walk to them.

"Mr Aizawa's calling you. He told us to go find you guys since your place is quite far from there."_Kirishima told them. He point at the place where the class is gathering.

"Let's head back. We don't want Aizawa-sensei to start scolding at us again"-Kaminari said, giving them a big smile. They went back to the class together.

|A while later?|

Deku was talking to Lida and Todoroki when suddenly, he heard some noise coming from the bushes near them. It seems like the others heard it too,some of them were looking at that direction.

"Did you guys hear that?"_ Asked Mina breaking the silence.

"Yeah..I think it's coming from there.."_Tsuyu said while pointing at the bushes.

Suddenly, the bushes exploded to everyone's surprise, sending them flying far away.


"Deku! Are you okay?!" Uraraka, after sitting up, immediately became worried about her friend.

"I'm fine, but what was that?"-Deku stood up, looking at the others struggling to get up with bewildered eyes.

"I don't know either.." Uraraka replied, her voice tinged with worry.

"Everyone gather here, I'll go check it out. If I find out that someone is disobeying my orders, that person must immediately face the consequences. Lida, you're in charge of them while I'm gone."-Mr.Aizawa said,using a low voice which created a great deal of fear in the students' heads, even Bakugou had to keep quiet and listen to his orders.

"He is so manly!"-Kirishima exclaims in exclamation.

"Yeah, manly and scary..."-Kaminari said.

"Hey guys, what's that?"-All attention immediately turned to the source of the voice, which turned out to be Todoroki, casually pointing to something glowing.

"Woah, what is that thing?" Kaminari was about to approach it when Deku suddenly stopped him.

"I don't think we should touch it, maybe it's the same thing in the bushes just now?" Deku said, doubt in his eyes.

"Oh please Midoriya, I'm sure it's not, the thing just now didn't glow! Besides, don't you want to know what it is?"-The pikachu boy jerked his hand away, then ran to the other sphere,heedless of Deku's call.

Kaminari crouched down, hand outstretched forward, defenseless of himself. Unfortunately for him, the sphere suddenly flashed, released a flash of light into the sky and then disappeared to his surprise.

A black mark suddenly appeared in the sky, which soon covered all of them. Everyone panicked when a black hole appeared. The hole started to move. But instead of sucking them in , the black hole released a red gas, scaring the students.

"W-What's that?!" Jirou shouted while trying to back away to avoid breathing in the murky air, dragging Yaoyorozu with her.

"Everyone! Don't inhale that, we need to find a way out of this force field first!"

Under Lida's instructions, the students tried break out Under Lida's control, the 11 of them together tried to break the force field so that they could escape. But no matter what they did, the force field remained stationary, not even a single hole.

"This is all your fault, yyou f*cking shitty pikachu!"-Shout Bakugou,still trying to blast out the force field.

'Hey!Watch your language, Bakugo!"-Shout Lida.

"We're gonna die soon and all you care is my language?!DIE!!!!!"

"G-Guys, I don't think we can do this."

"Uh-oh. Everyone, hold your breath! The gas is coming!" - Deku shouted,soon everyone was holding their breath. Some time passed, the atmosphere remained silent. However, some of them didn't look very well.

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