#19 Turn around

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The war has begun. Dust was flying everywhere along with fists. Bodies flying through the air before they hit the ground,"Toman dies today~!" Hanma yells with a huge grin before he dodges a swing from Yuma,"Hey, remember me?" he grins at him before Hanma just runs away from him again, cackling like a hyena,"Hey! I still owe you a hit for flirting with my cousin!" Yuma yells before blocking an incoming attack.

Smiley was quick to slam his arm into a Valhalla member's neck with a laugh while Sanzu delivers rapid punches to one he's straddling.

Two Valhalla members tries to take Muto down, but the big guy remains unfazed as he takes both of their heads and knocks them together, rendering them unconscious. Hakkai was taking guys down left and right as Peh also delivers his own rapid punches.

Chifuyu was the one to send a flying kick to an enemy's head as Angry helps a fellow member out by hitting a vital point on the Valhalla member's neck to knock him out before giving his colleague a thumbs up.

With y/n, she was being choked from behind before she took her bat and places it behind the enemy's head and flips him over her body and to the ground,"Piss off!" she yelps before knocking the side of his head with her bat.

Two more enemies tries to attack her, but y/n was quick to hit them both to the ground, but another snuck up on her and delivers a punch to her cheek,"Damn...!" y/n curses as the enemy goes for another hit, but y/n blocks it with her bat. She growls at the force before kicking the enemy in the stomach and uses the distraction to hit him to the side.

"You okay!?" Yuma asks her after taking down three guys,"Yeah!" y/n nods as she wipes some dirt off her cheek,"Did you find Baji yet!?" she asks,"No, why?!" Yuma asks,"Because one of us needs to stay close to him!" y/n states as she roundhouse kicks an enemy away,"I'll find him and lookout for him! Focus on yourself!" Yuma says as he hits an enemy's temple.

"Okay!" y/n says before being thrown to the ground by her hair,"Die bitch!" the enemy yells about to stomp on her, but Draken was quick to swoop in and punch the enemy aside,"Get up Sweets!" he yells and y/n was quick to jump onto her feet.

She them spots Kazutora charging at Mikey,"Draken! Mikey!" she points out and Draken was quick to take action,"Here it comes, Mikey!!!" Kazutora yells as he readies a punch, but Draken blocks it with his forearm.

"Like I'd ever let you lay a finger on Mikey, Kazutora. You're gonna have to get through me first." Draken says lowly as Kazutora glares at him with a smile, vanes popping at the side of his face,"Oh, is that so?" he grins.

Y/n notices Hanma advancing on them, but they didn't,"Draken, look out!" she yells after knocking an enemy out. Draken was quick to turn around and block Hanma's kick, but the force of the kick pushed him away from Mikey and Kazutora.

"At last! You're gonna get your ass kicked by me~ Draken." Hanma cooes with a sadistic grin,"Bring it on then Hanma. Let's see what you got." Draken challenges,"Have fun Kazutora, Mikey's all yours. Let's get started." Hanma says.

"You're gonna at least be entertaining, yeah? Mister vice-captain~" he adds as he focuses on Draken again,"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. I can't even remember the last time I got to go all out." he says as he punches a fist in his palm.

"How about this, huh? Man, I've been waiting for this for a long time Mikey." Kazutora grins darkly,"I'm not gonna hold back Kazutora. Too late for that." Mikey glares back.

Back with y/n, she's knocking enemies left and right before having Takemichi punched into her,"Argh!" they gasp for air as they skid on the ground,"Crap!" y/n curses as the enemy runs towards them, about to deliver a kick.

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