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"I don't need your games, game over."

Note: Read ALL the scenes because a lot of them are changed from the other pov.

7 years ago: Age- 17

"Happy 17th birthday Delilah" he jumped and hugged her tightly. He felt himself getting happier than ever because his girl was in his arms. He was so happy that she was here, but there was a feeling in his heart that something was going to happen.

"Oh my god Max leave me I can't fucking breathe" She exaggerated, being the drama queen she is. "Maxwell, are you deaf what's wrong with you?" She said seriously when he didn't move and just hugged her tightly.

He didn't want to move away, he didn't want her to see him cry. He was a fucking coward for not being able to tell her anything.

She felt her neck getting wet and lifted his head to see a sight she never thought she would see. Her Maxwell was crying with silent tears.

She felt her heart clench seeing the love of her life cry like this. Maxwell was a very strong person and never even once cried in the past 4 years that she has been with him.

"Max, what's wrong? Why are you crying so much? Did your son of a bitch Dad do something again? I swear to god I will fucking kill him this time if he said something rude to you." she said softly looking at him with pain in her eyes.

He felt so fucking guilty. She cares so much about him. She would do anything for him, even if that would lead to her death. She loves him so much, so does he. He wanted to just spill everything about his plan to her, but he knew that she would not be able to stay with him if she finds out now.

He had to sacrifice himself for the betterment of her world, which he wished could have been their world.

"Nothing happened Delilah, I am fine," he said quickly wiping his tears away looking at her with a painful smile.

"Bullshit, you expect me to believe you right now, Max? You have never cried in front of me. Please love, tell me what's wrong? You are getting me worried," she said, taking his hands into hers.

"It's really nothing sweetheart don't worry," he said, giving her a very big grin that melted her heart. She loves him so much.

"Wait before going out to celebrate I need to tell you something okay? Whatever happens in the future, just know that I care about you very much and  I promise that nothing will ever happen to you. Do you understand?" he said all this in a very serious voice which was not something he did often, but he had to make sure she was safe.

She just merely nodded, not being able to understand his sudden change of behavior.

"I need words, babe," he said a little angrily, not on her but himself.

"Of course Max, I understand. I think you already know that you and dad are the only people I can go to whenever I have a problem. I don't really have a choice here, you know?" she said to him with a smile.

Fucking hell, why do I keep messing up?

"Wait, no that's not what I-" she cut him off by taking his hand in hers and walking to the gates of her mansion.

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆

"Okay so what did you get me?" she clapped her hands excitedly and sat down on his bed.

"First you show me my gift" he smiled softly and came laying down in her lap, his face buried in her stomach. She ruffled his hair and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

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