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I hate people. Except my team. "Nice of you to finally show up," Colton tips his chin at me when I walk into the meeting room. Nevermind, I hate one person on my team. But he's a lot more tolerable once you've known him for half of your life.

"I'll punch your pretty teeth out if you don't shut up," I glare at him but he only smiles brighter. "What do we have?" I ask Dexter, sitting down at the round table.

"Today, we are going back to De León's homeland, Queens!" He clicks a button and on the TV screen, pictures of multiple homemade bombs pop up. Nobody is fazed by this, being desensitized to it from working years in this industry.

"You dumbass. We're from San Francisco," Rafael retorts, crinkling his nose while spinning a pen in his left hand. Both of the twins are left-handed.

Dexter waves a hand in dismissal, "Same difference. What is it, a 30 minute drive?"

"An eight hour flight, but good guess," Sofia nods, with a downturned smile.

I clear my throat, loudly. Dexter startles and accidentally presses another button on his remote, making music blare from the TV. Everybody other than me flinches from the sudden noise, glaring at him.

"Shit- Sorry! Damn, I didn't know we had Selena Gomez on here." He looks at the TV curiously.

"The bombs, Dexter," Saar rubs her temples in annoyance, her elbows resting on the table.

"Yes, yes." He nods, and clicks the remote again, making images of burnt down buildings appear. "The local sheriff has been getting numerous bomb threats since last month, accumulating up to 26 by the time the threat actually became near-fatal. A bomb went off in a grocery store, injuring 10 people, but thankfully, no casualties."

The TV flickers and shows the aftermath of a burnt down grocery store. It looks like it's family-owned, not a chain.

"And PD knows it's the same person?" Sofia leans back in her chair.

"It's a smaller part of town, doesn't seem like anyone else would bomb the town's favorite supermarket." Dexter shrugs and turns the TV off. "That's all they know for now."

"Why were we assigned this case?" I tap the table, it's a habit, don't know if it's a bad one.

"Because the police are dumbasses, and can't even get the real FBI to help them." Rafael laughs, but it causes him to get slapped in the shoulder by Sofia.

"We are the fucking FBI, we're just an out-field branch. And we're taking this case because people are in danger." Sofia scolds, picking up the file on the table filled with the rest of the info.

"Okay, meet by the cars in 20 minutes." I instruct and they all nod, moving to places they need to be.


My favorite thing about this team is that when it comes to cases, they're always on time. Except Colton, who is running 5 minutes late.

"I really wish I ate something before we left." Lina complains, leaning her back against the black SUV. I agree, it's almost 2:30 and I haven't had lunch yet.

Sofia's eyes widen comically as she rapidly taps Saar's arm. "We're supposed to be meeting Hana for coffee like 30 minutes ago."

My shoulders tense at the sound of her name. I have to force them to rest as I drink out of a water bottle. She wasn't at the compound today so I didn't have to avoid her.

"Shit. Let me text her." Saar groans as she grabs out her phone from her back pocket, walking away for some privacy.

Loud footsteps pound the pavement of the parking lot we're in, and we're blessed with the sight of a frantic Colton.

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