Lover Boy

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Bucky was the first one to run inside the building when he didn't see Valen outside waiting for them. His fear of losing her was causing him to start panicking. He kicked down the door with such force it actually bent the metal where his foot connected with it.

The floor was covered with ice and guns with no owners. Valen was spotted first laying on the ground. Peter was across from her, his mask was raised up a little showing his chin.

"What the hell happened in here?" Clint asked. He ran in after Bucky, almost slipping on the unexpected ice.

"I have no clue." Bucky bent down and picked up Valen in his arms. Her body went limp against his.

The rest of the team caught up taking their first look of the building. Tony was checking on Peter while Sam and Steve checked out the guns. Nat was brushing the hair out of Valen's face with a face full of guilt.

Tony slipped off Peter's mask looking at the nasty bruise growing around his eye. His lip was also busted. "Hey kid. Wake up. It's time to go home."

"My question is where did all these guns come from? From what you said Nat, there are way too many guns for the amount of men you said you all took care of." Sam picked up a one of the weapons and examined it.

"These were not here when we were here. There's too many of them. We only took care of a couple guards, not a whole damn army." Nat looked at Steve. "This is my fault. I shouldn't have left. I was just going to get the Quinjet and was going to come back. I didn't know there was more people inside."

Steve stepped away from the guns and wrapped Nat in a tight hug. "It's okay. You didn't know, it wasn't your fault. Valen and Peter are going to be okay. We're going to take them to Bruce right away, okay? You know Valen isn't going to die, she's too stubborn to not want to come back and annoy the crap out of all of us."

Nat laughed and squeezed Steve back. Bucky and Tony headed out with the teens in their arms. Clint and Sam took pictures of the evidence. Before walking out, Steve grabbed the weird looking gun with the large circle at the end. He has never seen anything like it and wanted Tony to examine it when he wasn't worried about Peter.


Valen woke up with a jolt. She moved her head side to side looking for anyone around her. She was so confused on her surroundings, the last thing she remembered was Peter being held by Sasha with a gun to his head. That man she's never seen before gave the order to shoot him, then everything went black for Valen.

Peter. Valen instantly jumped off the medical bed. Wires and an IV was attached to her. She pulled off the wires making the machine beep rapidly. She grabbed the needle that was in her skin and pulled it out.

Bruce came running in. "Valen, you're awake! What are you doing? You need to rest, sit down."

Valen weakly pushed Bruce with one arm. "I need to see Peter. Where is he?"

"You can see him after I examine you."

Valen's eyes shined over with a light blue color. She gave him a death glare to let him know she wasn't going to listen to him. "Where is he?"

Bruce got lost for a second watching how her eyes flashed a completely different color. He finally found his words after shaking his head. "Follow me."

Bruce led Valen to Peter's room where he laid on a medical bed. He was still out with wires and an IV in him as well. His bruise had a deeper, darker color to it now. His lip was no longer bleeding.

Valen looked at Bruce who nodded his head as if he could tell what she was asking without saying it. She slowly walked over to Peter and poked his arm. When he did move or say anything, she poked him again.

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