26|| One Rule

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Okay first off. wtf. Like I'm actually at 20k. Wth.

Thank you all so so much, I love each and everyone of you. I love reading you guy's comments and I can't actually believe that I'm at 20k

I was also bored and decided to make instagrams for my five main characters right now.

So here they are:

Ace- _ace.kingston

Java- java.astor

Matteo- matteo.hasler

Avery- av.black_

Violet- vio.jones

Also I have a pinterest board with the entire aesthetic of my book and also there are two boards with two upcoming characters;)

My username is @shivaniex

Anyways enjoy this chapter!! and stay hydrated loves<3

Anyways enjoy this chapter!! and stay hydrated loves<3

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Tw! Violence, mentions sexual assault.

"So Ryan is it?" Lorenzo questioned. He stood in front Ryan, who was strapped to a chair blood running down his nose and a black eye.

Ryan didn't respond, leaving silence to fill the room. Lorenzo grunted throwing a punch his way.

"I asked you a fucking question you bitch now answer" Lorenzo demanded and I remained standing against the wall, the cigarette hanging low on my lips as smoke escaped my mouth. I held a baseball bat across my shoulder, my arms wrapped around it.

"You like to out your hands on women don't you?" Lorenzo asked and Ryan remained silent.

"Ah I see how it is" he smirked and the door opened all four of the Black brothers walking in.

"You know these men right?" Lorenzo asked a deadly grin on his face. Fear filled Ryan's eyes as he tried to moved backwards.

"So you like touching little girls and hitting young women?" Uncle Marco questioned sliding his rings on.

"A fucking asshole" Uncle Ricky mumble and tears filled my eyes at the memories.


He was never a good guy to me. He was a piece of shit. There were days were he would make me feel like my feelings didn't mean anything.

He would go out with other girls all the time then tell me they're just friends.

He would constantly leave me, when he got a call, gone. I found it suspicious at first but I learned not to bother about it.

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