CHAPTER 51 - Of a Lost King

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Author's note: Longest chapter alert!!!! To everyone who cursed "Nova's name" to death, you get a chance for redemption here. Lol. (I'll make a better aesthetic later, I promise.)

✨And without further ado, let us welcome - KING NOVA.✨


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The palace seemed to have turned into a graveyard. My room ransacked, heart shattered with the force of an earthquake, blood boiling with the fire in my veins, I numbed down.

"He has my Amelia, Doran. That is not fair."

Sitting beside me, Doran held me close. He was just as blank, while his arms draped around me. "I brought his brother, and he has your sister. That's his type of fair." I heard a shake in his voice.

A life for a life, remember?

"He knows I am here, are we still safe?" I asked, his tunic fisted in my throbbing palm.

"Yes, I have a plan." He added, "We can scry again..."

"No," I jerked back, "He... he will be alert this time. Even Prince Nova had sensed my scrying magic. I don't want to provoke Neo to harm her. L-Last time, I used my fire on him, he got his revenge on R-Ralph, and now... let's just not do anything till he tells us what he truly wants."

Doran gave a brisk nod, and I could see his eyes shimmering with many a thoughts which he was afraid to voice out. I asked, "He won't harm her, right?"

He shut his eyes. "He better not."

A sharp pain went through my chest, but he cupped my face in his hands gently, his voice strained, "I wish I could comfort you, Eleni, but I am sorry, I can't give you false hopes. Even you know how Neo is. I think... he had Amelia as a leverage for something else, but was forced to threaten us right now. He just wants to stay one step ahead. No matter what."

The realization of Doran's underlying meaning hit me like twin daggers of rage and grief, "He must have brought her here from Spring Realm long back!" My blood ran cold.

Doran lowered his gaze, "I am so sorry, Eleni. He won't harm her. Listen to me, the Conquest ends in less than two days, we will get her out one way or the other. I am right here with you."

I flung my arms tightly around his neck, as if he were the only raft in the middle of an ocean raging with storm. Even his sunflowery smell wasn't helping, but at least I wasn't alone. I was done keeping things from Doran. We will get her out one way or the other.

"Neo might pull something more. Just... just stay close. To everyone," Doran said, and kissed my temple reassuringly, clutching me tighter by the waist, as if I would disappear right away, "To me."

Buried into his warm chest, I waited for the tears to come, but they didn't. How had this come to Amelia? She was supposed to be away. Far away from my sorry excuse of a life. I clutched her beautiful sundial on my lap.

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