Ch.12: Good Trigger.

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Song: In The End - Linkin Park.

The little girl sits in front of the boy as he breaths heavily while resting his back on the wall.

“Let me see the wound” she tries to reach to the bite but he holds her hand.

“N-No, I’m fine” he didn’t want her to see.
She frowns looking at his pale face and puts her other hand on his forehead feeling the temperature raising.

“We should rest here” she stand up looking around the room and walking to the windows covering them up and blocking the door.

“Don’t lock yourself with me” he groans looking at her.

She turns around to look at him and sighs walking towards a window and barely covering it.

“I’ll exit from the window if something happens” she then sits in front of him and holds his hands “Look at my eyes”

He complies as his hands started to tremble.

She could notice something red in them, he didn’t have much time left.

“T-Tell me” she speaks up “What’s your name?”

He opens his mouth to answer but no word came into his mind. Getting frustrated, he unconscientiously starts gripping her hands making her yelp and retreat her hands.

His eyes widens and looks down at his hands “I-I’m sorry” he tries to stand up but fails as if his body wasn’t responding to him anymore.

“I-It’s fine, don’t worry” she cups his cheeks making her look at her eyes again, she smiles at him “H-Here…”

She lets go of his face to search on her bag grabbing a pen and holding his hand as she writes on the back of his hand.

His eyes doesn’t leave her face as he tries to remember the name of the girl that has been accompanying him for years. He was afraid that she would leave him if he asks her but at the same time he was afraid that he would hurt her if she stayed with him.

“And this is my name” she writes in his other hand “J-Just in case” she puts the pen back into her backpack and looks back at his eyes “We will be fine” she hugs him.

He hugs her back and closes his eyes.

The next day she wakes up alone in the room.

Looking around, she sobs and hugs her legs feeling alone for the first time in years. However, she couldn’t stay still hearing the groaning of the ghouls on the hall, she stands up cleaning the tears with her sleeve and holding her bag leaving from the window.

She walks in the streets towards the City Center where she could find the Explorers that she met the other day without noticing the pair of eyes on her.

Looking down at his hands, the boy read the names once again as his memory was starting to get blurry.

‘Hunter’                                                        ‘(Y/n)’


(Y/n) opens his eyes and quickly sits up on her desk chair looking at the computer screen in front of her.

’09:52 p.m.’

“Fuck” she mutters standing up.

She spent the whole day to make the report and fell asleep while printing it for Dr. Lace and now she had eight minutes to hand it to her before she closes her office.

Grabbing the papers, she exits her room seeing a white haired woman in front of her door.

“Oh, what a coincidence… seeing you here, in the front door of your room” she chuckles awkwardly.

“Nice to see you, I have to go to Dr. Lace’s office” she walks past her and gets into the elevator with Sveta following her.

“Good, I was going there too” she looks down at her but sees her raising an eyebrow “I-It’s true, I was actually told to take you there as well”

(Y/n) sighs and presses the button that takes them to the floor where Lace’s office is.

Exiting the elevator, (Y/n) walks through the hall with Sveta behind her. Once they arrive to her office, (Y/n) knocks on the door hearing a light ‘come in’.

When they entered into her office, they saw the head doctor sitting in her desk while reading some reports.

“Please, take a sit” she takes off her glasses and looks at the women sitting in front of her desk as the younger doctor handed her the report that she asked for.

Dr. Lace grabs the report and then throws it into the trash can next to her making the younger doctor scream internally in pain.

“I didn’t need the report, I just wanted to punish you for your earlier behavior” she looks at the doctor “However, I would like to talk about 703”

(Y/n) tries to calm herself down before answering “What’s the matter with 703?”

“He is stronger than an Ironclad and faster than a Runner which makes him extremely dangerous but he seems to answer positively when it comes to you unless you are in danger and that makes me think about the relationship that you two had before he was turned into a mutant”

The young doctor was taken back “I… I had no relationship with 703 before becoming his doctor”

Dr. Lace chuckles “Well, if I know a thing or two about mutants is that even when they can’t remember their lives before turning, they still hold onto that faded memory that makes them feel human again, which, when they interact with something or someone that they relate with that memory they would do whatever it takes to keep it with them for those light feelings of forgotten happiness, sometimes making them act without thinking”

(Y/n) frowns “I don’t think I’m a trigger for such memories, Dr. Lace”

“I don’t think so either… I know so”

She pulls out a gun pointing at her as Sveta quickly gets up and points her gun to Dr. Lace while standing in front of the young doctor.

“Dr. (L/n), meet guard Orlov Sveta, first known as A-Class Experiment 246. I found her on C City when she was a teen, she almost took down all my team but we managed to bring her in here where I treated her and raised her to use her sharp abilities to be an S-Class Guard. Sveta always obeyed her orders no matter what it takes, however, she has been showing anomalies when it comes to you… this is the first time that Sveta has ever pointed a gun at me”

Sveta glares at the doctor in front of her “How many times are you going to put her life in danger to prove your points?”

“As many as I need” she puts the gun down “Please take a seat”

The guard looks behind her to see a doctor with a calm expression on her face but with trembling hands. Slowly, she sits next to her and looks back at the doctor in front of them.

“It seems that you are a good trigger in experiments, Dr. (Y/n)” Dr. Lace smirks.

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