Chapter-39|Teddy Bear

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"She's so adorable

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"She's so adorable." I say, looking at the picture of Hanna and Liam's baby girl.

The team came back last evening and Riley also came back last night. So, Ethan and I had the whole day to ourselves, but it's not like we did something productive. All we did was switch between the kitchen and the bed. There were a lot of conversations involved, but not so many clothes.

"Liam and Hanna are blessed." I continue as I return Ethan's phone to him. We are currently having breakfast while Riley is fast asleep in her room and Dani is with Mason.

"We all are." He says, locking his phone and placing it on the table.

He turns back to face me and my heart melts when I notice the soft smile on his face. His eyes connect with mine and for a moment, we simply look at each other. I can see the happiness radiating off of his face, and I'm sure he can see the glow on mine.

"You know, I don't think I told you how grateful I'm that you want to be with me." He says with a light smile on his face.

"I think I already know." I tell him as I trail my eyes over his face. "Because I'm equally, if not more, grateful that you still accepted me after I acted so stupidly."

He looks down, and the smile slips off his face for a second, and I fear that I might have said something wrong. But then he looks up and meets my eyes with a determined expression.

"It wasn't stupid. You were scared. It's okay to want to protect yourself." He tells me and I know he means it. He's not saying this only to make me feel better, but because he believes it.

Through these years, I've felt bad for having trust issues. I always felt like I made life harder for myself because I couldn't trust people, as Dani did.

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, I decided to skip on words and instead lean ahead and kiss the man sitting in front of me, who makes me feel valid.

It wasn't a rough kiss, but a sweet one. I appreciate you, is what I wanted to communicate through that kiss.

Pulling back, I can't keep the smile off of my face. "Thank you."

"Always." He says, squeezing my hand that he's holding.

"Speaking of always, I wanted to ask you something..." He trails off with a nervous look on his face and I feel a little uneasy because I've never seen Ethan nervous before.

"So, you know how Liam and Hanna were planning their wedding, and they wanted to do it after the baby is at least a year old?" He says, looking down at our joined hands.

I nod silently with scrunched brows before he continues, "Well, they decided to move the wedding forward because they don't want to spend another day not married to each other."

A huge smile takes over my face and I feel happy for Hanna and Liam because, with everything they've been through in the last couple of weeks, they deserve to celebrate.

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