29|| A Tease

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"Get up Avery" Marcus said sternly and Avery rolled over on the floor pulling her shirt over her body

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"Get up Avery" Marcus said sternly and Avery rolled over on the floor pulling her shirt over her body.

"Avery" Marcus warned and Avery slowly blinked her eyes. Looking up at Marcus she groaned.

"What did you take?" he questioned picking up all the clothes from the floor and throwing it in the laundry basket.

"The drugs I bought from Java before you told him to stop selling me drugs" she said in a harsh tone.

She sighed coughing and slouched down on the ground.

"Where's my princess?" she asked and Marcus turned to look at me.

"I'm right here sweetheart" I said smiling at her and she looked up at me with a grin on her face.

"Hi baby" she whispered and Marcus licked his lips fixing Avery's makeup neatly on her dresser.

"Hi love" I whispered back. She reached her arms up and I laced my hands with hers pulling her up.

"I got her" I said to Marcus and he nodded his head.

"Sober her up" he said. "Avery" he called out and she looked at him.

"I love you" he smiled and she smiled back at him. "I love you to Marckie" she smiled and Marcus rolled his eyes.

"Take care of her" he said in my ear walking out the room and I nodded my head at him.

"Come on darling" I muttered pulling her to the bathroom and she snorted.

"Your ass is nice" she said and I held her wrist back before she got a chance to slap my ass.

"Thank you baby but you're not slapping my ass" I said sternly pecking her lips and she rolled her eyes walking with me to the bathroom.

She tripped over her own two feet and I caught her by her waist. She giggled sticking her finger in my dimple.

"So pretty" she murmured and I shook my head smiling at her.

"Strip" I demanded and she smirked taking a couple steps back from me.

She slowly pulled her clothes off and I shook my head at her when she came up in front of me.

She got up on her tippy toes and kissed my neck and then worked her way down the side of my neck to my collar bone.

"Avery" I said sternly pulling her back and huffed while making a sound with her mouth.

"When are we going to have sex?" she questioned and I took her arm leading her to the shower.

"When you are sober and I'm not just going to fuck you. I'm punishing you for each and every time you've disrespected me" I answered and she sighed turning on the shower.

She stepped under the running water and I watched her as she washed her skin.

She bent down, sitting on the ground and folding her arms.

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