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Heyooooo guyssss.


Sorry again.'s been long ikr. But not my fault. I kind of became distant from my i have exams upcoming, final exam. Tho i don't give a f*** but- u know. Read it even if u don't want. Cuz it's kind of important.

1. So...apologies for not being able to update. I once thought to quit wattpad. But u know, i can't just leave u guys. U guys made it HARDEST to leave this place. Even if I'm not active regularly, I'm gonna peak here now n then. Hehe.

2. About the update. I know u guys gonna beat my ass if i say i will discontinue this book. I also don't wanna discontinue this. Cuz this is my most successful book ever. But my busy schedule just made it really difficult to write chaps 😢

3. When i came here in chorme, i saw 2.2k notifs. I am ok right? Yes i am 😢 But the thing is i can't just scroll down all those 2000+ notifs and reply to all of em. Sooo apologies for not replying to all ur comments.


16 years ago, a miracle happened in this world, at around this hour, shining the world, and angel was born. U guessed it? Yep. Happy birthday to meeeee. And that's what made me active here today.

15 is one of my best year i shout say...even tho i went through a lot of hardships, endless crying nights, dirty scars, it also left so many wonderful things. Like u guys, my bestie, my family tbh. I met so many special peps in this year. And...2 of them a REALLYYY SPECIAL. TNIKI07 u know who they r. One is obviously u don't worry lol.

16 years passed in this hell hole. Dk how many is left...but i wanna smile, spread happiness for the rest of my life. Be happy, stay happy, keep people happy. Just happiness.

Lol saying was easy. But doing this is hard isn't it?

Aaaa loong lecture it was.

Thanks for reading.

And as a n apology, u guys gonna have a surprise tomorrow.

Jimin's bday? Yea ofc.

But another thing

And that's~~~

I'm gonna do a face reveal! Yep. But only for 1 hour. I'm gonna unpublish it afterwards. active!

Best of luck! Don't make ur day worse by seeing my bootiful faceu.

Have a nice day.


-love from the dead ghost author.

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