30|| The Red Dragon

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"Oh Violet" Avery said happily pushing open Matteo's room door

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"Oh Violet" Avery said happily pushing open Matteo's room door. Avery screamed closing the door and turned around with her eyes covered.

"Oh lord I need holy water" she muttered and I furrowed my eyebrows going to open the door.

She slapped my hand giving me a stern look. "Do not open that, they are doing the forbidden dance" she said and I gave her a weird look.

The heck is a 'forbidden dance'?

"They are having sex you idiot" she groaned and I made an 'o' shape with my mouth.

"You children are so unholy!" she yelled and I heard both Matteo and Violet laugh.

"We are older than you" Matteo yelled back and I shook my head at their idoicy.

"Nice ass Vi" Avery yelled and I watched her as she reached her hand out to touch the vase.

"Don't touch-" I began but she already touched the vase and it was falling to the ground.

The vase shattered on the ground and Avery's eyes widened. She turned away and picked at her nail pretending she didn't just break the vase.

"The vase" I finished my sentence in a whisper. She turned around and saw the broken pieces on the floor and a shock expression took over.

"Oh my God who did that?" she questioned and I rolled my eyes when she looked at me stunned.

"You did baby" I answered and she shook her head.

"No I didn't" she denied and I smiled at her when placed her hands on her hips.

"Yes you did" I said and she huffed.

"Look at all these people blaming me for shit" she mumbled under her breath and I laughed softly.

Matteo walked out the room with Violet following behind him and he smirked at me. I looked at his neck that was covered in hickeys and rolled my eyes.

"Ready?" Matteo questioned and I nodded my head. Avery and Violet walked ahead talking about whatever the hell they were talking about.

Matteo looked at the broken vase and then at me with a stupid smile on his face.

"Aunt Mar is going to beat your ass" he said and I rolled my eyes pushing him to the side.

"Shut up" I muttered walking to closet that had all the cleaning supplies.

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