Chapter Nine

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Tasha's Pov
"Here Killua pass me that box hun?" I could hear hurried footsteps running across the carpet fast like, he was so well behaved I didn't even have to ask him twice when he was already doing the task.

"On it Tasha! You don't have to be on your feet that much, cause I am here." A soft like giggle left me, setting the paint brush aside for a moment to allow the large moon on the wall to dry.

"Now you just sound like Illumi I'm not even that far along." I heard the longest exclaim leave the white haired boy fast like.

"You're four months along and because Illumi is always on missions now I gotta look out for you." My eyes grew a little soft when he came back in front of me handing me the box, I gave him a quick kiss on his forehead with a smile.

"Thank you Killua you are so amazing." He grinned proudly rubbing at the back of his neck with a large blush spread over his cheeks.

"Aw it's nothing really." Time seemed to go by all on its own. It wasn't long before me and Illumi were moving into our own place which was the perfect size for the new baby, and for Killua and Gon when he was over. It was kinda odd seeing Illumi in the new lime light of always being busy, that Hisoka was the one coming to the house to inform of all the little mission my baby had been doing.

Killua was so focused on the task at hand of adding the stars on the wall.

"Knock, knock my dear." I almost jumped at the sound of his husky voice, I flashed a grin to the red haired clown who was looking around the room with interest playing with the card between his fingers rolling it back and forth.

"Hisoka seems like I just saw you last week, what brings you here?" I asked him softly watching him enter fully.

"The room looks gorgeous,  not a shock that the baby will be spoiled. Though I wish I was bringing good news. Illumi won't be back for another month." Of course I had to hide my disappointment with a smile, it felt like forever since I had physically seen him.

"Another month?! Why another month what is he even doing?" Hisoka breathed out a husky chuckle carefully sitting across in one of the chairs from me, Killua following suit as we listened closely.

"The work of an assassin is very diligent. Sometimes you get the same partner, in my experience I've always been Illumi's partner, but the agency has other plans and they have him teaching a newbie. Angelica from my knowledge she's deathly annoying and doesn't know how to kill a fly if it was trying to hurt her." Killua snorted roughly shaking with laughter. I had to cough to cover up the light laugh that wanted to leave me, rubbing at my belly to give me comfort.

"So he is in a different continent?" I asked genuinely interested in all of this. Who knew it was so complicated to do this work.

"He's in Yorknew city he actually told me he would be calling you tonight, I just love to come visit my favorite people." Killua made a small face while I quickly slapped him on the back of his head through my laughter keeping my focus on Hisoka.

"I always love having you around, you are entertaining. Why don't you stay the night."

"Yeah! Tasha cooks the best damn food ever."

"I see you are more comfortable with swearing-"

For once the house was bustling with a little energy, not just having Hisoka here, but Gon as well, I got to feed a bunch of mouths with food till they passed out sleep. Hisoka knocked out on the couch, leaving Gon to crash in Killua's room, the night time was when it was my me time, baths, eating snacks I wanted and just to clear my mind.

I stared at myself in the mirror doing my hair ruffling out the large curls before I heard the phone going off next to me. Scooping it up with ease I answered the phone speaking quietly hoping I didn't wake the two snoring kids in the room next to our own.

"Hey Illumi baby." I smiled hearing the sound of relief leaving his lips, hearing him shifting around.

"You don't know how amazing it is to hear your voice my love... I feel like I haven't heard it in forever. Is everything okay? Are you and the baby okay." I shushed him gently noticing the urgency growing in his voice.

"Everyone is doing okay here, Killua helps
me out when he can, and Hisoka came by today to inform me about your missions which I heard are stressful." He sighed heavily as he grumbled loosely.

"I would be done with this mission if Angelica wasn't an idiot. She has amazing nen abilities she just doesn't use them and expects me to save her. I don't understand how she is powerful up to my level yet I am stuck with training her." I snickered my body shaking with each laughter as I spoke gently to him even more.

"Maybe someone just wants to be trained by the great Illumi Zoldyck don't they my love." All he could let out was another soft annoyed grunt.

"She's dreadfully annoying always clinging to me, I rather be home laying on your breast." I snorted through my laughter but just by hearing his voice again I felt at ease whispering to him as I placed my palm across my temple as I rubbed at it a couple times.

"That's my Illumi I missed your voice so much, please take care of yourself for mommy." I heard the softest like whine leave him, hearing him moving closer to the phone as a small but soft giggle left him.

"Always will mommy."

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