Shenanigans 12

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Babysitting Double Trouble
(Y/N) really shouldn't have been surprised at this point. It had become a routine, tradition even, for this to happen. What was a shock was that she had two to look after this time. Azul appeared at her door, a toddler under each arm, obviously Jamil and Kalim. He smiled nervously at the girl, who didn't even ask for an explanation.
"Give them here."
"Thank you!"
Azul quickly handed the two toddlers over the girl and was on his way.
(Y/N) huffed. "You would think Professor Crewel would just have the antidote in reserve by this point."
Kalim tugged happily at (Y/N)'s shirt collar, grinning.
She sighed and gave him a smile. "Hi Kalim. Hi Jamil. Looks like we're all hanging out today. That sound good?"
Jamil fidgeted nervously, but gave him a reassuring smile.
"Don't worry, Jamil, you both are safe here. Come on, I'll get both some lunch. What do you want?"
"Coconut juice!" Kalim answered happily.
(Y/N) chuckled. "That's not enough for lunch Kalim."
Jamil looked down, silently.
"What do you want, Jamil?"
He blinked at the girl in shock.
"I...I can choose?"
"Of course you can sweetie. Is that fine with you, Kalim?"
The white haired boy nodded. "Okay!"
Jamil lowered his head, cheeks ablaze.
She readjusted both boys in her arms and turned to walk to the kitchen.
"Okay, why don't I make some of my famous coconut curry? Does that sound good, boys?"
"Yes, ma'am."
While (Y/N) whipped up lunch, the boys busy themselves by playing with the Pokémon. Jamil had tried to insist he help her, but (Y/N) had nudged him back to play and relax. Kalim was happily showing off Cufant to his friend as Jamil had Jangmo-oh in his lap and was stroking the dragon down his spine.
"Look Jamil! Look at this elephant! Isn't she pretty!?"
"Uh, sure?" Jamil said hesitantly.
Cufant huffed angrily and raised her trunk to smack the boy, only for Crobat to land in front of her and give her a side eye. Ampharos also joined in, giving the Copperderm Pokémon a look that said behave.
"Play nice, kids." (Y/N) called. "This place really can't handle a lot of ruckus."
"Yes ma'am!" The boys called.
Kalim continued to shower Cufant with affection while Jamil spread the love around to any Pokémon who approached him. Archeops, who had someone manage to sense the boy's presence, burst in through the window and began nudging Jamil. He didn't mind as he was mesmerized by the fossil bird's color and dinosaur appearance. Eventually, the trainer girl came back, scolded her fossil Pokémon, and shooed the others away so the boys could eat. She took them back to the kitchen and set out the plates of coconut curry.
"Dig in, boys!"
Kalim immediately tried, but Jamil stopped him, taking a bite before nodding.
"It's good."
(Y/N) rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, sweetie. I've got eyes everywhere. You're perfectly safe."
Both boys nodded before scarfing down their lunch. Afterwards, (Y/N) took them into the biomes to play while she did some maintenance around the lake and fed her bigger Pokémon again. Luckily, she had had Scizor lead the bug Pokémon to the botanical gardens so they wouldn't freak Jamil. While she worked, Jamil again tried to help her with her chores, but she pushed him back to play.
"It's okay. I can handle this."
He looked down. "But mom and dad will be mad if I don't help with chores."
She smiled at him. "Well, they're not here today. Besides, these are my chores, so you can just have fun."
Jamil then looked at Kalim, who was being taught to hula dance by Raichu. "I have to watch Kalim though. In case something happens."
(Y/N) sighed and took the boy by the shoulder. "Jamil, I promise, you are both completely safe here. Any one trying to hurt Kalim would have to be crazy or an idiot to come anywhere near here. And even then, they wouldn't get anywhere close to you before pounded into the dirt. My Pokémon can protect Kalim today, so you can enjoy yourself. Go have fun and don't worry about Kalim for now."
He looked at her hopefully. "Promise?"
She nodded. "Promise. Now, I'm gonna go do some gardening near the lake, feed some of my Pokémon, and then go feed the one in the woods. Then I'll come join you two. For now, stick close and have fun."
"Thank you, Ms (Y/N)."
(Y/N), Shaymin, and Lycanroc worked down by the lakeside to plant cattails and add some sunbathing rocks for the water Pokémon. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jamil hanging out with the desert Pokémon, namely Garchomp, Flygon, and Archeops, chasing them around as they flew. Kalim never left the flower biome and was still getting his dance lesson from Raichu. Eventually, she took her eyes off the boys for a moment to feed Aurorus, Tyrantrum, and Metagross. Now all that was left was her problem child.
She glanced around to check on the kids and saw Kalim had gotten Ampharos, Roserade, Weavile, and all the baby Pokémon to join their dance session. However, when she looked over to where Jamil had been playing, she only saw the fliers all sunbathing and napping. Glancing around, she still couldn't find him. Worst still, she noticed a certain food bowl was now missing.
"Kalim?" She called out. "Did you see where Jamil went?"
"Yeah!" He called out, smiling. "He said he wanted to help, so he went to feed the monster in the woods!"
(Y/N) blood ran cold. "Gyarados. Luxray! Ampharos! Swampert!"
The three Pokémon shot their heads up and darted towards their trainer. (Y/N) got on her starter.
"Jamil went to Gayrados's lake! Let's go! Kalim! Stay where you are!"
The white haired boy stopped, seeing the girl's panic, but she left her Pokémon there to comfort the boy. She had to get to Jamil before he got to Gyarados. Swampert bolted into the woods, the electric types, right behind them. As they approached, they head Gayrados's roar and a scream.
Swampert burst into the clearing and (Y/N) saw the water type rear up out of the water in fury. Jamil was on his back, frozen in fear. Gayrados raised his tail to strike, but Swampert ran forward and caught the Aqua Tail as (Y/N) stood in front of Jamil, arms stretched.
"GYARADOS! HEEL!" She yelled.
The Atrocious Pokémon roared back, trying to pull his tail free of Swampert's grasp, but the starter held firm. Luxray and Ampharos then appeared, sparking aggressively at the water/flying type.
"You may still hate, but you will obey me now, Gyarados! Now BACK DOWN!"
Gayrados growled, but he saw the look in the trainer's eyes. She had never been so aggressive, nor so forceful in her commands. Knowing he couldn't win, he lowered his head, still scowling. Swampert let go and he dove under water. (Y/N) sighed in relief and turned to Jamil, who was shivering.
"Are you okay? Did he hurt you?"
He shook his head, tears starting to form. She hugged him, rubbing his back and rocking him back and forth.
"Sweetie. I told you this was my job. Gyarados is dangerous, but he knows not to attack me. You could've been seriously hurt!"
"I'm sorry!" He cried. "I just wanted to help!"
"I know, I know, and I should've told you not to come in here. Never try that again."
"Why was he so mad at me?"
(Y/N) sighed. "It's not you, it's me. Gyarados is here because I had to catch him. He's too dangerous to be left in the wild, so I had too. He doesn't like being here, but I can't let him go or he'll hurt other people."
"He doesn't like being here?" Jamil asked, calming down.
"He doesn't like being a trainer's Pokémon. He's used to being wild. I've been trying to work with him, but it's not easy adjusting to this."
Jamil wiped his tears, looking at the lake. Cautiously, he got up and sat beside the edge. Ampharos moved beside him in case the Pokémon tried to attack again.
"I'm sorry I made you angry, Gyarados. I know what it's like, having to listen to someone always. It's...frustrating. But (Y/N) seems to know you're angry and wants to help you not be angry about it anymore. She wants to make you happy. should let her."
He got up and walked back to the girl, taking her hand as she led him back to the biomes. Underwater, Gayrados was curled up, pondering the boy's words. Kalim tackled Jamil when he saw him again, crying because he was so worried. Jamil eventually pushed him off, and (Y/N) decided to have them play in the dorm until Professor Crewel picked them up for the antidote. The next morning, (Y/N) went to the hidden lake with Galvantula to feed Gyarados. Surprisingly, instead of waiting for her to leave, he began eating quietly, notably a bit more calm. He even let her get close enough to pet him.
"Well, someone's in a good mood today. What's up?"
He grunted and slumped back into the water. She chuckled and walked back to biomes. Jamil was waiting for her when she got back. He freaked out a bit at the sight of Galvantula, but (Y/N) quickly dismissed her electric type so he calmed down.
"Morning, Jamil! Are you and Kalim feeling better today?"
He sighed. "Thankfully, yes. I came to deliver some gifts as thanks and to tell you Kalim is holding a party for you as well."
"A whole party just for babysitting?"
"You know how Kalim is." He glanced at the woods. "Were you feeding Gyarados?"
"Ah, so you do remember him."
He crossed his arms. "Hard to forget nearly being eaten by a water serpent."
She chuckled. "Well, if it makes you feel better, he was a lot better behaved today than I've ever seen him. Seems like he took your words to heart."
Jamil looked down. "I get why he was angry. Feeling like your freedom is just gone, it's awful, but I also understand why you have to keep him there. Unlike me, you're trying to keep him and others safe."
She smiled at him. "You know, if you ever need to vent, I think Gayrados might enjoy your company from now on."
He smiled and nodded. "I think I might take you up on that."

"Kalim, where am I supposed to put all this food!?"
"I'll eat it!"
"Grim no!"

All right folks, it seems the Fairy Gala won out in the ends, so maybe we'll do fireworks next time.

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