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Yoongi's Pov

"I also missed you guys."
I let them go , and move towards buffet jin hyung has prepared , I'm still sleepy.

Jin hyung serves me my breakfast and as I was going to take a bite,
"I doubt you woke up for breakfast."
"Why can't he?"
Jin hyung was in full defensive mode for me.
"Because , In US he skipped almost all his meals and specifically breakfast."
I choke on my sandwich.
Fuck you hoseok.
He smirks , I give him a death glare.

I can feel the shiver running down my spine 'I'm dead',
"What hoseok is saying , is that correct?" Jin hyung breathe fire.
Fuck I'm so done.
"Hyung~~~~~~~~Food their had no taste in it , and after eating food prepared by you , How can I like those breads?"
I can feel jin hyung calming little just a little , Maybe.
"But hyung you could have ordered something else, weren't you staying in 7 star?!"
I glare towards jk , this brat and I turn to look at jin hyung , I can see his eyes turning red.
"I wanted to complete my work as fast as possible , so that I can see your handsome face hyung."
I look towards jin hyung with my puppy cat eyes.
He sighs.
"And hoseok is lying , I just skipped my breakfast once, because I overslept."
"Wrong!!!, Because you were stressing too much on a mere deal."
I hear a loud sigh,
"Enough , Min yoongi I'm letting you go this time , and I wish this is first and last time."
I tense,
"I promise hyung."

Jisoo and rose try to lighten the mood and I'm thankful to them for that.
"I loved the gift you brought for me hyung."
"Me too."
"Me too yoongi."
I give my gummy smile to jin hyung , jisoo and rose.

Everybody turns towards jk,
"Where is my present hyung??"
He shows me his bunny eyes.
I smirk,
"Sorry jk , I just couldn't think what to get you."
"Then , what about that project?!"
This is the reason why I hate hoseok so much.
Jin hyung ask.
I sigh and looks towards jk , this was supposed to be a surprise but I guess not , all thanks to hoseok , I look towards him and he mumbles a small sorry.
"I got you that project jk." I retort looking towards jk.
He tilts his head and try to guess , which project I'm talking about , I look towards jin hyung , he gives me a proud smile , see it's not that hard to assume which project I'm talking about.
"He is talking about your dream project jk."
His pupils dilates , and eye sparkles like Sirius , I doubt maybe like sun.
He look towards me for affirmation.
I nod.
"Seriously hyung?!"
The point is that I can invest in his project , alas he doesn't want that.
I look towards him , he is playing with his spoon???? , No excitement.
"I showed your project to Mr.Ben and he was quite very impressed with your project , I'm working with him for quite a long time and he is a good person , he personally asked me that 'Can he invest?!'"
Jk gives me a nod to continue,
"I said him 'Yes , He can hold 25 percent of shares' and he was damn happy , that man even hugged me ,Ehhh..."
Everyone looks at me like , I just said something wrong.

"25 percent?!"
I look towards jin hyung except hoseok everyone is looking at me like , I'm a weirdo.
"Yes , So what do you think hyung it's a very lucrative project , you want me to just fold my arms and sit?!!"
Jin hyung , rose and jisoo makes an "Ooooo" sound.

"I have decided that I will hold 50 percent of shares."
I look towards jk , he gives me a bright smile , I asked this brat to let me be the only shareholder for this project but he has different plans , I understand him but still.
He has jin hyung's support , so back off Min Yoongi.
"What about other 25 percent of shares?!"
"It's surprise???!!"
Hoseok tilt his head and replies jin hyung.
Everyone looks at me.
"What??! , it's a surprise"
Jin Hyung claps his hand.

I nod in confirmation.
"Thank-you Hyung."
Jk jumps on me , I'm saying this brat is more muscular than me , I pat his arms , he looks up , I give him a proud smile.
"I'm proud of you."
We here a click sound and he let go of me and runs towards rose.
"I said her to off sound notification."
Jisoo says acting all offensive.
Jk glares towards them and start digging again , ignoring them he seems all bubbly.

"I didn't get when did you gave jin hyung his gift?"
"Hyung said you brought jin hyung limited edition whale model?"
I look up and nod towards jisoo and rose.
When I look towards jk his mouth is wide open.
"Yup , I got him that."
I look towards jin hyung , he is giving me a humble smile.
"He was waiting for me yesterday."
I give a bored look to hoseok and small smile to jisoo and rose.
"And jk was waiting for me in my room too, but,"
"It's okay hyung?!"
Hoseok ask,
"He fall asleep."
I give a sly smile to jk , all table attention is towards jk now.

People say I'm the most dangerous man on the planet earth , but look at me AM I ???

"I'm full."
I look towards hoseok
And back to my plate,
I clear my throat,

"We are going busan tomorrow."
Everybody looks towards me like I'm joking?! Okay, I get why.

"Namjoon called me this morning for a deal , it was all fine but I think he has some doubts not just with that deal but with other deals too , and I have an offer for him. So , Yeah."
"Fashion week?!"
I look towards hoseok.
"Yeah , I'm attending that too."
"JB will be the most happiest person in the world."
"You spoke to him?"
"Yup in car, but I didn't confirm anything with him still."
"He wanted Jin hyung's contacts."
I look towards jin hyung leaving jk and hoseok behind to think more.
"I will talk to him."
I nod.

"I'm so happy it's been long , I haven't seen jimin and tae?!"


I look towards jin hyung seeing him all flustered whereas jk , hoseok , rose and jisoo are laughing their stomach off.

"SHUT UP!!! , You punks."
"I miss kai too!."
Jin hyung retort looking towards hoseok now it's his chance to get flustered.
It's been 16 years , Jin Hyung and hoseok have been visiting time to time for work it makes no sense , that Min Seok Jin goes busan to deliver mere papers , okay those papers are important but still , can't he just let Mr.Han to deliver them if he is so protective over those papers.
Fine I quite understand about hoseok.

"Schedule my all meetings for 2 days."


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