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Mattheo's POV

"What do you mean" she asked me as she sat down.

"He wants us to have a kid sooner and if I don't get you pregnant soon he will kill me" that's always the solution to my dad killing people.

"Oh" she said as she looked down at the ground.

Why does he even want us to have a kid sooner isnt this enough.

"By when" she asked me still looking at the ground.

"By next month" I said I looked at her hoping she would look at me but she didn't.

why did my dad choose her, she would have had a perfect life besides having death eater parents and brother.
She would have had it all but now she is stuck here with me and the rest of the cruel people in the manor.

she still didn't look at me.

this is bad really bad I might as well die.

"Mattheo" her soft voice said finally looking up.

"Yeah" I said I looked at her and she half smiled at me.

"How are we going to have a kid while here or at hogwarts and we haven't even finished school" she said.

Might as well die.

"We don't have to do it" I said still looking in her eyes.

"No you aren't going to die" she said looking back down.

"I can" I said.
"But you won't" she said looking up again.
I stood silent.
"But you won't, right" she said now mostly like a question.
"Mattheo" she said softly.
I looked down now.

"We're going to have the kid okay" she said.

"No we won't" I looked up.
"Yes we will"
"No all of this is already bad enough" I said.

"Mattheo we might as well have the kid, we all know how you love to knock up girls" she said now smiling a lot almost laughing.

"That's not funny" I said.
"Oh just shut up, it is, we all know you like the process of it" she said now trying to hold back her laugh.

"Y/n I'm serious now are we going to have the kid" I asked.
"Yes we are, might as well" she said still smiling a lot.

"Why are you smiling" I asked her.
"We all know you like the process" she said still holding that laugh in as she looked at me straight in the face.

"Oh shut up" I said resting my head on the bed.

"You really do" she said now really close to laughing.

I grabbed the pillow that was not far from me and hit her in the head with it.

"SERIOUSLY DONT START THIS" she yelled at me.

"Ok fine" I said putting the pillow under my head.

She moved her head over mine and looked at me.

"What" I asked as she looked at me.
"Why are you so tense" she asked me her face still hovering over mine.
"Im not" I said.
"Yeah you are, are you always this tense" she asked me examining my face now.

"No im not tense and I usually am not tense at all" I said starting to get annoyed.

"Yeah you are" she said and put her hands on my shoulders "rest" she said smiling at me.

"Why do you care if I rest" I asked her.

"Because if I'm going to marry you and have your child I don't want to have you looking all ugly or seem tense and stress over everything" she said moving her hands on my head and started rubbing my head.

I started to close my eyes until I heard a little noise.
I opened my eyes and my head shot up bumping into another head.
"Ow" i heard her.

"Sorry darling" I said.
She looked up at me surprised before she looked away still holding her head.

"I told you to rest not shoot your head up" she said to me annoyed by the fact I hit her head.

"Sorry" I said calmly as I looked around the room.

"Mattheo" she said.
I looked at her making her continue.
"How come you shoot your head up even if it was a little noise" she said.
"I don't know" I said getting up now.

"Well it has to be something" she said.
I walked over to a drawer and pulled out a plain white shirt.

"Well I don't know" I said taking off my shirt and putting on the other one.

I went to one of my drawers and took out pants.

I went into the bathroom and changed, I walked out and she was still on the bed with her little black dress.

I'm tired today and i don't know why.

"Mattheo your going to sleep now" she said/asked me as I went under the covers.

"Yeah or at least try" I said.

She stood up and went to the windows closing them and the shades.

She walked back to the bed and sat down.
I turned around looking at her taking off her heels and then she stood up walking to walk in closet.

She walked out in her pjs and took down her bun letting her hair fall down softly.

She walked back to the bed and laid down next to me pulling the covers on top of her.

She turned the other way not facing me.
I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me.
Making sure she was close to me.

She turned around now looking at me in the eyes.

Oh god her eyes.

why am I looking at her like this.
I don't like her.
she dosent like me or I think.

"Mattheo" she said quietly.
"How come your father said he would kill you if we don't have the kid, I know your dad dosent like you but would he actually kill you" she said/asked.

"Knowing my father, he would actually kill me" I responded, she stood quiet like she had nothing to say or didn't want to say anything.

"Goodnight Mattheo" she said turning around.
"Goodnight" I said still having my hands on her waist I'm surprised she hasn't moved them.


Well I have no idea what was really happening in this chapter I just keep on going with it.

But my chisme so my bf cheated on me and I have two videos and picture of him and the girl, the girl went missing last night and me and my friend were the last one to see or hear from her 😶😳 and my ex aka boyfriend that cheated, bestfriend lives right behind me and his friends have been telling him how he messed up and that he shouldn't have done that, my ex also keeps on pointing out how I'm talking to new guys and laughing in his face and I've been flirting with his friends 😏😉.

But I hope you like this chapter I really didn't.

Lots of love, gianna.

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