Chapter- 34

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Braelyn's POV

I groaned in sleep as I felt a tickle in my ear and then swatted the hand away but it didn't go. I turned to my side hoping to get some more sleep but the fingers went to tickle everywhere causing me to burst out in laughter.

"Okay - okay , st-stop! I'm up!" I finally turned on my back and that's when the movements stopped. I peeled my eyes open and was met with his gorgeous grey ones. The white bed sheets were covering till his waist while his naked upper body was raised by the support of his arms. He was looking down at me, flashing one his bright smile at me.

"Good morning."

"Good morning. How long since you're up?" I yawned sitting up.

"Two hours maybe." He replied, twirling some strands of my hair between his fingers.

"You must be hungry." I don't know why a sudden and somewhat mischievous smile fell upon his lips.

"I am." He suggestively wiggles his eyebrows. My eyes widened once I got the innuendo.

"You aren't getting any." I looked away blushing.

"Aww , don't say that!" I slapped away his hand that was advancing to grab the end of his shirt that I was wearing.

"Ouch! It hurts !" He groaned in pain, turning away from me. I furrowed my eyebrows in concern as well as confusion, not realizing when I hit him so hard.

"Where?" I tucked some strands of hair behind my ears before moving closer to him. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer.

"Down there." I was dumbfounded at his bluntness, my face heating up.

"Oh God ! Just shut up!" I pushed him away causing him to chuckle.

"I will freshen up and make you breakfast." As soon as I got out of bed, he held my wrist and pulled me back down.

"I will make it." He took a quick glance at my whole face before speaking again.

"When I woke up and saw you sleeping beside me, I couldn't just get out of bed. So I settled on looking at you." He caressed my cheeks, staring lovingly into my eyes. Seeing so much adoration held in his gaze , I couldn't help but feel guilty. My mind shifted back to how badly I had treated him the previous time we woke up like this. I hesitantly pulled away and sat up.

"What happened , Brae?"  He asked , moving my hair behind my shoulders.

"Evan, last time … last morning when we woke up together… whatever I said wasn't true. I -" He cut me off.

"Brae , I know." He spoke calmly, holding my hands and squeezing them.

"Just shut up and let me say. I want to get it out." My tone was nowhere near calm unlike him. He sighed but nodded anyway, asking to continue.

"I didn't regret what happened between us. The only regret was that I had put myself in a situation where I again had to hurt you, your feelings. I never meant those words. I can never regret a moment spent with you." I gulped down, feeling a lot lighter than before after the confession.

"I know. Situations forced you to say those words. I was hurt at that time, really hurt but now when I know that wasn't true, they don't bother me anymore. " He passed me a smile of reassurance and I returned one.

"Now my beautiful lady, what would you like for your breakfast?" I laughed at his dramatic curtsey.


"So?" After breakfast, Evan convinced me to take the day off and he dropped me back at my place . So now I was sitting exactly in front of Bri , her eyes glistening with hope and curiosity.

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