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Ellie Rose ~

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Ellie Rose ~

"Mason this—" but I cut off when he stormed towards and grabbed Matteo by his collar punching him on his face. My eyes grew widened and a gasp left my lips. Everything happened so fast. He kept punching him on his face until Matteo's nose started to bleeding.

"Listen to-" but Matteo cut off by another punch on his face and he groaned out in pain.

"Mason— stop! You'll kill him!" I yelled gripping into his hand in order to stop him. Antonio ran up to us and gripped Mason's another arm trying get him away from Matteo who's groaning from pain.

"Mason— stop! What the fuck are you doing?!" Antonio yelled when he tried to punched Matteo once again. "You're going to kill him! Stop!"

"I'm going to fucking kill him!" Mason muttered glaring deadly at him. His jaw was cleanched so hard that I can gave guarantee he was definitely going to break his teeth. "I can't believed you Matteo— I'll kill you!"

"Mason please stop— p-please" I pleaded standing in front of Matteo when he pulled out his gun ready to shoot him. "It's not w-what are y-you thinki—"

"Ellie get the fuck away from him, Now!" Mason glared at me.

"No! At listen to him!" I replied, my eyebrows coming together causing him to rolled his eyes.

"There's nothing to listen anymore. I should've killed him in the first day at restaurant! How could he even think about you in that fucking way!" Mason muttered.

"It's not my fucking fault Mason if I fell for Ellie! I'm a fucking human too and I can also caught feelings for someone! I've every fucking right!" Matteo yelled, panting.

"Oh yeah?" Mason smirk evilly ready to kill him stepping closer to us but Antonio gripped into his arm.

"Careful Mason, You could hurt Ellie" Antonio warned glaring at him. Mason gripped my arm roughly and yanked me closer to him into his hard chest— his strong tattooed arms immediately wrapped around my waist possesively.

"Just touch my girl and I swear you're death Matteo Cassino" Mason grits. "You know that I don't think fucking twice before killing anyone but— you're like my brother and my childhood best friend that's why you're still standing in front of me, alive"

Matteo scoffed and laughed out wiping the blood coming out from his nose with his knuckles. I shut my eyes closed as tears rolled down my cheeks. This all was happening because of me.

"You know what Mason — just kill me because It'll anyways kill me seeing Ellie so fucking closer to you, in your fucking arms"

"Matteo what the fuck is wrong with you?! Are you even in your sense?!" Antonio yelled glaring at him. "You've fucking lost your min—"

"Yes Antonio! I've fucking lost my mind! I love Ellie and I want—" but before he could completed his sentence, Mason punched him on his face. I quickly covered my mouth my hands shaking my head.

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