Chapter twenty five

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Y/n has briefly forgotten her previous exhaustion thanks to the adrenaline of nearly getting attacked, and then on top of that, the extra boost that is Chelsea getting expelled. So Y/n is in a frazzled, but very awake, daze. Grabbing hold of Namjoons sleeve, Y/n meekly asks worried, "Will she really not come back? Do they actually think it's necessary to go this far? They won't take it back will they" Not because she feels bad for Chelsea, but more like she wasn't sure if Chelsea's punishment matches her crime, like stealing a loaf of bread and getting fifty years in prison.

Y/n can't stop that small voice in her head telling her this was somehow all her fault, that if she did something differently, things wouldn't have escalated to this point. No matter how she reassures herself, that thought constantly scratches away at the back of her mind, slowly chipping away at her resolve. Was what Chelsea did to her really worth this much of a punishment? What if the school realises that they took it too far and takes it back? What would she do then? It's only natural for people to treat her like this.

Namjoon sighs giving Y/n a hug, softly resting his chin on the top of her head, he tells Y/n, "I promise you she won't come back. Not if I have anything to do with it. She bullied you, hurt you, threatened you with a knife, and manipulated people to cause you harm. Then as soon as she comes back from suspension she tries to attack you. Y/n you don't deserve to be treated like this, you do not deserve to be hurt, you don't deserve to be hated, and Chelsea has made it clear that she won't stop. She got what was coming to her. You deserve happiness, you know." Y/n nods, eyes watering, squeezing Namjoon tight, putting these feelings to rest once and for all.

Adrenaline finally calming down, and shock setting in, Y/n's hands start to tremble, still she tries to go to her next class. Wobbling onward it takes both Jungkook and Yoongi to gently pull Y/n back. Jungkook shows his concern and announces, "I think this calls for a celebratory nap!" Still Y/n tries to fight back, however it was no use, she can only verbalise a couple no's in her futile exhausted struggle to get to class.

Bts having experienced Y/n's loyalty and stubbornness to not miss a single lesson, as well as knowing full well that she's on autopilot mode, Bts feel that Y/n will continue to trudge on until she passes out. Exchanging glances to one another, they all nod, deciding to let Jungkook use a different slightly more underhanded method.

Suddenly the soft smell of lavender fills the air surrounding Y/n, it's a comforting warm smell that seems to lovingly embrace her. Immediately her eyes feel heavy as she tries to fight back a yawn. Eyes misty with tears of tiredness, Y/n falls back comfortably into Jin's arms who goes to easily pick her up in a safe princess carry.

"Lets go to the roof, since it's warm today it's the best place to take a nap," Jungkook suggests, clearly speaking from experience. Whenever classes were too boring for him he'd go up there to ditch. Anyway Y/n wouldn't miss much, it will only be for a couple lessons, and the additional plus point is that she would be skipping Mr Conners English class.

Y/n feels weightless as she drifts deeper into a much needed sleep, eventually feeling grounded as the warmth of the sun beams down on her, encasing her in a toasty blanket of light. A comforting feeling arises as her temples are carefully massaged, when it stops the action is soon replaced by the gentle hands stroking her head.

After resting for a while, it's the brightness of her surroundings that forces Y/n to awake. Slowly opening her eyes to let in the light, her mind gradually wakes up and she notices a soft feeling under her head. After wondering what it is she is laying on, Taehyung immediately pops into frame, a soft smile on his face. Y/n is using his lap as a pillow.

"You're awake," he grins happily. There Taehyung sits, behind him is the stunning bright blue sea of the vast clear sky, the light encasing him causing an enchanting feast for the eyes. With each soft caress of her hair her exhaustion slips away. Slowly Y/n sits up, Jin, Yoongi and Jungkook are taking naps of their own, scattered around on various sections of the roof, while Hoseok and Jimin seem to be playing a game together on their phones.

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