CHAPTER 53 - Of an Enigma

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Author's note - I present to you our - shy, smart, strong and beautiful forest-fireling. The unwilling and forced hero, who is just the thing the Four Realms needed.

💫 Eleni, you slay, my girl! 💫

💫 Eleni, you slay, my girl! 💫

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She slapped Ralph... in front of everyone!

I ran down the stairs, not bothering to think, to breathe, to bother about the consequences. Never in my life, did I once swear, but the obscenest words pirouetted on my tongue wildly. My sister was in a dungeon, and this woman had just hurt my brother!

Why was everyone in the Four Realms after my siblings?

"Your Highness, stop!" A guard yelled behind me and another clutched my arm. Rage surged up in my skin, as I realized that he was addressing me. I lost my control -

My palms inflamed, and arms hardened with stony scales. Just like Una had said – it hurt, it hurt bad, as if my ivory skin was shedding off and making way for a new one. Red Earthen texture graced my skin, and it was worth it. Worth every ounce of pain. The guards took a step back, the one who had touched me let out a wince being a little blistered. At least now I knew that my skin was scorching. 

With footsteps quicker than lightning, I walked out of the palace door. Lord Orlon was bellowing at her, but my single-minded head did not register a thing. "Eleni, no!" – Doran's voice – But I moved past him. Past everyone.

His mother killed your father.

Shot out like an arrow well-aimed, I stopped only when I was just a foot away from the High Lady of House of Aries. She had been looking at me, as if I were a beast accidentally knocked out of a cage, and that was exactly how I felt. Her face had turned white.

"Eleni, get back!" Ralph's hand clutched at my arm, pulling me away, but I did not move. "Get back, Eleni. You've breached the wards." I shirked his hand. The woman was glaring over my shoulders at Ralph, fueling my fury.

"You all are protecting this Luesha? Of course, it wasn't about the Conquest, silly me!" She said, eyes affixed on her son in a seething scowl. "Ralph, I thought I warned you, didn't I?"

My blood froze - what did she mean by warn? What did she do to him after I went into the dungeon? More than slaps? For standing by my side, for calling me his sister in the ring? My heart clenched tight, as I realized that he had still come for me in the forest. To get me. To protect me. He was there for me despite everything!

"How dare you?" I hissed, my arms blazing with pain, eyes blazing with rage.

She took a step ahead, shorter than me, having to look up. "He is my son. I don't take a dungeon-breaker's permission before punishing him."

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