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oh why just why.

How come I got stuck with having to have a kid with Mattheo.

This is not good.
I just know once I get pregnant or once the word goes out it will be all over the wizard ig world.

I mean come on a malfoy and riddle forced into a marriage and are having a kid.

It barely came to my head that I have to marry Mattheo and have a kid with him or more.
Damn it.
Why me out of everyone why me.

I looked at the window that had the shade closed.

I tried focusing my eyes so I can try and see.

I turned around just to face Mattheo.
Who was asleep.

his curly hair hanging over his eyes.
why does he have to be hot.
why oh just why.
i cant with this.

im catching feelings for him,

Im not catching feelings for him.
I looked at him again.


At least I think.

We agreed that we would act like we love each other in public.
so its an act.
At least what I think.

Even if he has soft skin.
and soft curly brown hair.
and his cute little smile.

this is bad.
I actually do like him.

I turned around not facing him and just hoping that it was just my mind playing games thinking I do like him.

I don't I know I don't.

what to do.
I'm bored just laying in bed.
I turned back around facing him.

"Mattheo" I whispered.
"Mattheo" I whispered again.
"Mattheo" I said.
"Mm" he said ish.
"Wake up" I said.

I really don't want to stay in bed.

"why" he mumbled.
"Cause I don't want to be in bed I'm not tired" I said.
"We'll try to fall asleep" he said squinting his eyes at me.
"No I've tried" I said.

"fine then what do u want to do" he asked.
"I don't know" I said before thinking "can we bake cupcakes" I asked.

He looked at me before rolling his eyes and turning around in bed.

"No how dare u choose cupcakes over cookies" he whispered before saying "if we do cookies then I'll go"
"No cupcakes" I said.
"Cookies" he whispered.
"Cupcakes" I said.
"Cookies" he whispered.
"Fine how about both" I said.
"Fine" he whispered.

I got up from the bed and grabbed one of Mattheo's hoodies putting it on then I went over to the door and opened it.

"Mattheo come on" I said as he was still in bed.
"Never mind u can go ill stay in bed" he said resting his head on the pillow again.
"Get up" I said walking over and pulling the covers off of him.

"Fine" he said slowly standing up and walking over to the door leaving me over here at the bed even tho I came to the bed for him.

he walked out the door and I ran out next to him making sure I don't get left behind.

We went down to the kitchen and I took of the stuff we need.

"How do we make cookies" he asked me last minute.

"You seriously dont know how to make cookies" I said/asked.

"No" he said.
"God ur an idiot" I said rolling my eyes "guess what" I said.
"What" he asked.
"I don't know how to either" I said smiling up at him while he was towering over me.

"Then why did u call me an idiot if u don't know ur self" he said.
"Because it was ur idea to bake cookies" I said before going to a counter to get sugar, cream butter and I went to the fridge to get eggs.

"I thought u said u didn't know how to bake cookies" he said.

"I don't, I'm going with my gut" I said.

I took out a bowl and put in the cream butter, eggs and sugar mixing them all together.
(I actually don't know how to bake cookies or cupcakes 😀 so don't judge 🙄😭)

I add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix more.

( idk so skip until they are actually made the cupcakes and cookies ig 😃✋ lmao)

Soon the cupcakes and cookies were done.
I grabbed a cupcake and licked the icing.
I always liked the icing.

"Ur weird" Mattheo said looking at me while eating a cookie.

"Oh shut up, ur weird too" I said rolling my eyes, he is stupid.

I finished my cupcake and walked over to the sink to wash my hands.

The door to the kitchen opened showing a tired draco.

"Oh come on seriously u two" he said walking over to where I'm standing.

"We didn't even say anything" I said.

"Now u did" he said rolling his eyes.

"What the hell is ur problem" Mattheo asked.

"Oh i dont know probably that u are trying to fuck my little sister" Draco said making a fake smile.

"Draco can u just stop with all this" I said.
It's annoying really.

"No I'm not going to stop all he does is get into ur head" Draco said before continuing "he dosent actually like u y/n"

"Oh fuck off Draco" I said before leaving the kitchen and walking to my room.

Truth is, he dosent actually like me and i know that.
We were both forced into this it wasn't either of our choice.

"Y/n" I heard mattheo's voice.

"What" I said as I sat down on my bed.

"Don't listen to him" he said sitting down next to me.
"I'm going to bed" I said standing up and grabbing the covers.
"What are u doing" Mattheo asked.
"Going to bed" I said walking over to the door.
"Going to bed where" Mattheo asked as I was half way out the door.
"Y/N" he yelled once I closed the door.

I walked to a guest room.
I didn't want to deal with anyone.
I'm annoyed of everyone.
I didn't leave just cause, I need to think my mind is filled with a bunch of things not knowing what to even think.

I entered a guest room and went to the bed.
I laid down pulling the covers on top of me.
I soon drifted of to sleep the tiredness clouding me.


Umm so yeah idk if I like this chapter 😃 lmao.

But yeah so my friend trying to copy me like my style and how I act and what I do like girl 🤨😭.

But anyways I hope u guys liked this chapter I didnt really but I hope u guys do.

Lots of love, Gianna.

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