Chapter- 35

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Braelyn's POV

I was in his bed cuddled up with him with my face pressed against his chest. The white sheet had us draped up while I was mindlessly drawing patterns on his chest with my fingers. I couldn't lie that his frequent kisses on my hair didn't make me feel all mushy.

"Are you gonna tell me what you are going to do about her?" I heard him sigh.

"I'm buying her company." He said after a small pause.

"What?" I looked up at his face.

"I mean, she won't make it easy for you." He let out a small chuckle.

"She won't be having much of a choice either." There was something smug about the way he said it. I furrowed my eyebrows, asking him for an explanation.

"Suppose two of the shareholders at her company decide to sell their shares. Guess what happens." I tried and ignored his warm hand that was unconsciously rubbing my back.

"The stock prices go down significantly?"

"Right. It's going to be difficult getting any company to invest. Now if a big and reputed firm like mine offers to buy the company, the investors and shareholders are going to pressurize her into selling it to me." He looked down at my face for a reaction. I couldn't suppress the smile falling on my lips for liking what he was going to do. Call me evil but I didn't feel a bit of sympathy for that woman.


"Mom sent this." Cora handed me the box of brownies. Her mother could bake the best brownies in the world, I swear. Whenever she bakes, she packs some for me.

"Rose is an angel." I exclaimed, causing Austin to chuckle. However, Cora wasn't smiling. She was staring at me like she was trying to figure out something.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked, giving her a weird look.

"What's the reason that you had to bail on our movie date?" She folded her arms and gave me a scrutinizing stare.

"I told you I wasn't well." I said with a nervous smile. The small smirk on her face told me that she didn't buy it. Just then a pair of footsteps was heard which garnered everyone's attention. Evan. He cast a quick glance at me.

"Ms. Taylor, my cabin." I nodded but seemingly to myself because he had already left, barely letting out the order.

"See you at lunch then?" I nodded at Austin before he left but Cora didn't move an inch. She was still staring at me.

"You're giving me that look, why?" She pushed back the hair behind my shoulder.

"If you think I haven't noticed the hickey just under your left ear, you're seriously mistaken." My hand flew up to locate the exact spot. Was I so dumb that I really missed it or she was just tricking me?

"You won't find it. It's not there." Yup! The latter it was.

"But my suspicion is true. There is definitely a new guy in the picture I know nothing about." She folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at me.

"Fine, you're right. I'll tell you and Austin everything but now I need to go." She shrugged in agreement before getting back to her seat while I made my way to Evan's cabin.

I knocked and heard his gruff 'come in'. As I walked in, he got off his seat and took long strides towards me. In a swift second, he circled his hands around my waist and pulled me towards him.

"Evan?" He chuckled at my surprised face.

"Ms. Taylor." He said in a low voice, his eyes flickering between my eyes and lips. I pressed my lips together, feeling the blush rise to my cheeks.

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