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M A S O N    W I L L I A M S—

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M A S O N    W I L L I A M S—

My first instinct was to grab the bastard that has attempted to take my bella. My grip was tight around the man's hair as I yanked him back, smashing his head against the wall—giving him the dead glare. I was satisfied at the loud crack, followed by the scream of agony.

"Where the fuck did you take her?!" I snarled, my grip on his hair painfully tight. He groaned but didn't replied. I pulled out my gun from the waistband, aiming the nuzzle of the gun to the man's temple.

"I'm asking for the fucking last time- Where did you take Ellie?!" I muttered clenching my jaw hard. My blood was boiling inside. "Give me the fucking answer before I shoved the bullets in your fucking stupid head!"

He nodded weakly, his face red- not from the blood but from the fear. I swear to god if I find out that bastard that has dare to take my Ellie from me, I'll tortured him so fucking badly that he'll begged for his death.

"I-I don't know t-that man" he stammered. "He j-just told us to come here and g-grab the girl if we want s-some good cash. I don't k-know him- please d-don't kill m-me"

I scoffed and smashed his head once again against the wall earning another agony scream from him. I aimed the nuzzle of the gun to the temple of that man once again ready to shoot him as he begged me not to kill him and to let him go.

"Mason wait, we can't kill him. We need to keep him alive in order to get to Ellie" Vincenzo muttered quietly gripping onto my arm. "Once we get Ellie back, you can do whatever you want with this fucking bitch"

I shut my eyes closed taking a deep breathe trying to control the fire anger inside me. The only thing that was killing me inside was if they hurt her? If they- stop Mason. Many things running through my mind at this moment. Fuck. I couldn't be there when my bella needed me more than anyone and anything. I failed to protect her. I made her promised that I'll protect her but- FUCK.

"Yeah, well now my girl have been kidnapped by your fucking boss, you're going to be the bitch that will help me to get her back" I snapped at him, glaring to death. "Got it?"

"Y-yes" he quickly answered, panting.

I let go off his hair and turned around taking a deep breathe. I slide my hands inside my suit jacket pocket. It was already night. The sky was dark along with few beautiful stars sparkling all over it. I was already missing my bella. Her those beautiful big chocolate eyes that brightened up whenever they met mine, her beautiful smile, her melodic giggles that was like music to my ear, her blush- God. I missed her so fucking badly and only god knows, how's she right now. Where's she right now.

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