They are Mates

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Jimin's Pov

"Please , retain yourselves tomorrow."
"We never misbehaved hyung!!"
"Yeah , you guys 'NEVER' misbehave."
"Thank-you Mrs.lee."
She gave me a small smile and started serving dinner to namjoonie hyung , who started this conversation with motive to impress jin hyung tomorrow.

I smirk on my thoughts.

"KAY!! , Let her eat."
Kay hyung huffs.

"You guys don't remember them , I know?!"
He asks more like a question to us than a statement , he looks intensely at me and tae!!?

I frown.

He sighs.

He pauses to gain everyone's attention and to stable his emotions.

The table goes silent.

He looks towards me and tae.

My face is emotionless and tae has a different type of rage in his eyes.

He inhales deeply.

"They visited 'US' , As you know we share a strong bond with the 'MIN'S' , Jin hyung and hoseok have being visiting us time to time?!"

Lisa and Jennie giggles in middle of his statement.

And automatically their is smirk on my face.

Yeah no doubt , they are good at subduing the mood.

"Yeah to meet you guys!!!"

Tae says giving a sly smirk to kay and namjoonie hyung.

I don't understand why don't namjoonie hyung release his sent while he confronts jin hyung and duh!!! 'THEY ARE MATES' . Same goes for kay and hoseokie hyung.

It will be my first time being surrounded by a alpha pair and sensing the strongest connection in the world a connection between true blood omega and his true blood alpha.

Every one can see how they are attracted towards each other , specially jin hyung and namjoonie hyung.


Table go once again silent.

"When you jimin."
He looks towards me and continue.
"Were 2."
He looks towards tae.
"Were soon going to be 2."
"Jungkook and hyung visited us."


Everyone looks towards lisa ...

"Are you by any chance talking about

Kay hyung pulls her down so just that jennie can stand??!

"And The infamous 'MIN YOONGI'"

Kay hyung snorts.

"Jin hyung is the eldest Min??!"

The table goes silent....
But why????!


Jennie and lisa looks towards tae like 'WHAT THE HELL MAN'.


"There is no need to be so loud lisa."

She snorts on kay hyung's retort.

"They are well know around the world . And they are the reason behind that Korea comes in the list of the most richest countries in the world."

Jennie explain in a calm tone.

"I wasn't knowing that Jin hyung first name is Min and I never thought that he is the brother of most handsome and successful bachelor's."

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