37|| Breathe

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"What do you think Avery?" Dad questioned and I shook my head blinking a couple times

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"What do you think Avery?" Dad questioned and I shook my head blinking a couple times.

"Huh?" I questioned and I heard Matteo and Java coughed covering their laugh.

"You are suppose to be paying attention" Dad said and I shrugged my shoulders. I rested my head against Ace's shoulder and he kissed my forehead.

Dad looked between us but I was too tired to care about what he had to say about us.

I'll tell him that I love Ace but I had no idea what Ace and I are now. He didn't say anything in specific so I had no idea.

Uncle Marco called Ace a while after they had left. They told us that there was an emergency meeting so we got in the car and drove to the warehouse.

Apparently we have a mission now the same one they were discussing a couple hours ago and I have not paid one bit of attention to the plan.

I don't even know what this plan is about. All I knew that it had to do with Viper.

"Viper is dangerous and I don't want to loose any one in this" Ace said a cigarette hanging low on his lips and I was tempted to grab it.

"It's simple plan we shouldn't fuck this one up" Uncle Marco muttered.

"Yeah it's simple" Matteo said and I looked at him weirdly.

"Shut up Matteo" Java said and Matteo rolled his eyes.

"If I remember right, the last mission Ace fucked it up" Matteo re called and Ace glared at Matteo, both of them keeping eye contact.

Their sexual tension is suffocating.

"What?" Dad questioned and I could feel the thick tension in the air. Everyone's chins were lifted all curious to how and what mission did Ace 'fuck up'.

"It's nothing" Ace murmured and I looked at him. He broke eye contact with Matteo. Keping a blank expression on his face he looked straight ahead.

"Ace" I said quietly and he hummed in response.

"There was a puppy at the safe house-" I began suddenly remembering about Darla but he cut me off.

"Yeah it's for Lilly her birthday is this weekend and she's been talking about getting one so I got her one but kept it in the safe house, I have some of my men go by and feed Darla and take care of her" he explained and I nodded my head.

"I can't believe I missed out on most of her life" I mumbled and his fingers rubbed slow circles over the stretch marks on my stomach.

"Shit happened" he murmured and I looked over to Dad who was deep in conversation with Uncle Marco.

Shit did happened, a couple months after Lilly was born, Rose was murdered then my mom committed suicide, Ace and I stopped being friends, Isabella came to kill me and Uncle Marco, Ricky and Jaden all left.

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